Innovation and technology in DOC24 for the democratization of access to health

Physical access to healthcare facilities has been limited during the pandemic, forcing providers and patients to quickly transition to virtual healthcare, and this trend will continue. According to a Mercer report, 84% of employees intend to use digital health solutions, such as telemedicine.

And it is that Mexicans have found in the fact that the company “contributes to their health care” the most valuable contribution that can be offered to them. This includes having an application to find doctors, being able to participate in a telemedicine session or registering on a platform that helps them follow treatments, among other solutions.

“Confidence has grown to speak virtually with a doctor about important or simple conditions, and this indicates that we are experiencing a digital transformation of organizations to approach health through digital and personalized solutions,” explained Pablo Utrera, CEO of DOC24, digital startup whose goal is to democratize access to health with technological innovation.

DOC24 seeks to have a positive impact

the start DOC24 appeared in 2016 in Argentina as the first video-consultation platform, and began operations in Mexico in 2021, where it seeks to become an ally of health providers, public and private hospitals and insurers, so that they offer users digital health solutions with customizable platforms, 24/7 medical services in Spanish and access to specialists with appointment booking

Amid the pandemic, the healthcare industry is demanding digital transformation and the example is the growth that digital medical care has seen, especially in Latin America, where 83% of employees plan to use telemedicine as much or more than during the health crisis.

Pablo Utrera, Founder and CEO of DOC24, a leading digital health startup in Latin America, says Mexico is at an ideal time to massively adopt digital technologies, increasing people’s access to health services. . We are aware that there are approximately 1,800 municipalities in the country where there is no access to basic health services due to geographical problems. And it is in these spaces that the impact of telemedicine can be made tangible”, illustrated the CEO.

If we add to this a population that every year has more than 3 million new users of digital technologies, as is the case in Mexico, “it turns out to be a key country for developing digital solutions, helping to invest more in prevention,” acknowledged the CEO of DOC24.

The reality is “there are many opportunities in Mexico to take the healthcare innovation ecosystem to another level,” Utrera said. Starting in Argentina, continuing in Brazil and landing in Mexican territory, the company detects that when there is a medical record of the person and follow-up with customizable platforms, it is possible to have more preventive medicine than reactive, and that must be the goal if you want to improve the sanitary environment and reduce accident costs.

This is how the firm seeks to forge alliances with the main health centers and insurers in Mexico to cover the desire of the inhabitants to have more options to manage their well-being themselves (43% of people s refer to it as such).

DOC24 has built an ecosystem of digital health solutions, the largest in the region, with options and equipment created for every stage of healthcare. This includes everything from platforms to receive virtual medical care with specialists, to alternatives for home care, to wellness monitoring equipment using artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art cabins to perform medical examinations. immediate using the “Internet of Things”. .

Today, people are more open to using a video call to talk to a therapist about anxiety, depression, or personal issues caused by increased hours worked. DOC24 therefore takes advantage of this health virtualization engine to meet the needs of the population, in particular:

have an app which offers individuals and healthcare professionals forms of virtual communication and access to medical records staff.

telemedecine, understood as video chat, messages with doctor and nurses to take care of simple conditions before they become more complex.

virtual advice to treat anxiety, depression, bornout symptoms.

Virtual or virtual reality solutions to manage personal care.

Thanks to DOC24, organizations can use these platforms to create a healthier work environment and a heightened sense of caring, a fact appreciated by millions of employees in the country, who, back in the office, are looking for an environment course, in addition to better well-being. practices to get hired and increase their engagement, have a self-care support strategy that helps achieve these goals.

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