ISSSTE, leader in mental health emergency management in Latin America

Throughout this pandemic, mental health problems have increased in the general population, coupled with the stigma that exists towards this type of disease, for which the ISSSTE has implemented comprehensive emergency management actions. in mental health in the three levels of care, informed Dr. Ramiro López Elizalde, Regulatory Director of Health.

Last January, the “Guide 20 for the comprehensive management of mental health emergencies, code purple” was established, where specific guidelines were established to provide care to the decompensated psychiatric patient, which makes it possible to provide a rapid and effective intervention to restore the balance of these patients and ensure their integrity as well as that of their family. As ISSSTE, a pioneer in promoting the reduction of the mental health care gap, in full respect of human rights with inclusive actions for all rights holders, underlined López Elizalde.

For his part, Dr. Lucía Ledesma Torres, National Head of Mental Health of the ISSSTE, said that currently the opening of beds for the care of these patients has increased from 57 to 100 beds throughout the country and that the purple code is installed in addition to more than 1100 units of the Institute, which means the largest integrated mental health emergency network in Latin America, which includes all regional hospitals, the National Medical Center “20 November”, general hospitals, hospital clinics, clinics and family medicine units, as well as 1 neuropsychiatric specialty clinic and the first largest mental health hospital unit in the country, located within the general hospital “Dra. Matilde Petra Montoya Lafragua”, where first-world hospitalization and rehabilitation are provided for patients requiring medium and long-term hospital care with 16 beds installed.

Finally, Ledesma Torres pointed out that the success of the program lies in the multi and interdisciplinary participation of medical and paramedical personnel, from the fields of nursing, emergencies, continuous admission, psychiatry, psychology, social work , internal medicine, neurology, stretcher bearers and all those health professionals who contribute to the overall management of these cases, reaching so far more than 2000 workers trained in the implementation of the purple code in ISSSTE medical units nationwide.

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