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Around Mexico City there are places that can challenge your courage, increase your adrenaline and give you a unique experience; for the sample, there is a glass suspension bridge to which you can grant yourself a little getaway and visit any weekend (for Easter it could be a great option): we present to you the Popocatepetl airlift.

Popocatépetl Sky Bridge: the longest suspension bridge in Latin America

Just two hours from Mexico CityAt the heart of cholulaPuebla, is the Popocatepetl Sky Bridge which, with its 61 meters high and 148 meters longit is considered the largest glass suspension bridge in Latin America; It was even established within the Guinness World Records.

hangs on Atlixcayotl Development Commercial Corridorin the Angelopolis area, and connects two hotels: The fifth and Wyndham, both of the Wyndham group. The idea was developed by the general manager of the hotel chain, Martin Wong Bridge.

Works began in September 2019 and its inauguration took place 27 months later, in December 2021. With only four months of operation, it has become one of the biggest attractions in Cholula.

Features of the Popocatepetl airlift

The Popocatépetl Sky Bridge is a structure built with cables from Canada, laminated glass and LED game lights that illuminate at night, providing a more striking view. The total cost of the work was around 300 million pesos.

As mentioned above, it is 61 meters high and 148 meters long, in addition to having 1.4 meters wide so that all its visitors walk there; The the groups to climb are 10 people to avoid any accident and that each of the visitors benefits from his roadwhich lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

What should you know before climbing the Popocatepetl Sky Bridge?

In his Instagram account, Popocatepetl Sky Bridge specifies some information that you must know before venturing into this experience, so take note.

  • Program: Tuesday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Price: 150 pesos; for Wyndham hotel guests, 125 pesos.
  • Access is inside the Wyndham Hotel, in the city. The address east: Av. Zeta del Cochero 403, Atlixcayotl Territorial Reserve, Atlixcayotl Commercial Development Corridor, Cholula, Puebla.
  • There is no need to book or schedule a visitbut you have to take into account that the shifts are given when you arrive and it is small groups from time to time, so take this into account.
  • The entrance is only for people from 15 years old; Minors must enter accompanied by an adult.
  • The use of cell phones, drones or any object is not allowed which could endanger the safety of users. If you want photos, the site offers a photo and video service.
  • It’s necessary enter with non-slip sockswhich will be part of your experience: walking barefoot on a suspended glass bridge.
  • Before downloading, you must complete a questionnaire for medical questions and sign a response letter.

Are you looking forward to going there? Whether it’s to spend the weekend in the city of Puebla or for a “round trip”, crossing the longest glass suspension bridge in Latin America is an experience to live.


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