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La Paz, Baja California Sur, (OEM-Informex).- Jazmín González Martínez, cuenta con 5 años de tradición y preference en el negocio de las carnitas, este sueño surgió como una gran oportunidad para independizarse y seguir generando ingresos para poder ayudar a family. 3 years in this new location near Ley Garzas, and 2 years in another location, Carnitas Jaz have been part of a dream and a commitment to be able to continue bringing these delicious carnitas to the citizens of La Paz, as well as to nationals and foreign tourists who visit us.

Sales in this particular company of traditional carnitas have increased their sales by 60% this season, carnitas have been incorporated into the traditions of some establishments in the city of La Paz, being one of the most demanded appetizers by citizens of La Paz, with greater demand for their products. “Fortunately, I rely on the support of my family, my friends and my partner who helps me a lot in the business.”

“We give the taco for 25 pesos, half a kilo of carnitas for 160 pesos and a kilo for 320 pesos, we have meat, leather, pork rinds, ribs, tripe and harvest, we we prepare everything ourselves with a very traditional recipe from my family. The days when sales are the most important are Saturdays and Sundays, despite the fact that the high season is for fish and shellfish, sales have been good, we are at 60% of our sales”.

“We sell a half-kilo lot of carnitas and orders for 50 pesos, with an order of 50 pesos you need 5 tortillas and you can make two filling taquitos to fill you up, you’re satisfied. As an entrepreneur, this is the second time we have had the opportunity to open a taqueria, the carnitas are in great demand by people, they like them very much, here we make a lot of effort so that the company works despite the pandemic.”

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“The business is going well, my partner and the friends who work with me help me a lot, many people visit us and come to eat with their families, those who can’t go to the beach come to eat carnitas here . We didn’t have the chance to go to the beaches because we continue to work because times are very difficult and as long as there are sales everything is fine”.

He mentioned that the carnitas are open from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., with breaks on Mondays, but they operate Tuesday through Sunday. Some carnitas companies are still loved by diners for their warm human service and unique flavor full of tradition.


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