Laura Pausini: her companion, her daughter, why she doesn’t want to get married and the cover she regrets

Laura Pausini is one of the great divas of Italian song. RAI, your country’s public television, trusted it to present the Eurovision Song Contest this year after Maneskin’s victory in 2021. Although at first Raffaella Carrá was considered mistress of ceremonies, her death last July dealt a great blow to the culture of the transalpine country.

The singer will present the gala, which will take place in Turin, accompanied by the singer Mikhail and the presenter Alessandro Cattelan. Has his 47 years, Pausini adds a new professional step to a successful career. To have two Grammy Awards for Best Latin Album (2006 and 2017), a Golden Globe for best original song in 2021 and also last year he got an Oscar nomination for his song In casemovie soundtrack Life ahead.

His companion, Paolo Carta, and their daughter Paola

After several stable relationships, Laura Pausini met the man who has now become the love of her life in Paris in 2005. It is Letter from Paulan artistic producer and guitarist with whom it was difficult to strengthen the relationship. He was divorced, had three children and the singer’s traditional values ​​clashed with her feelings.

“I was out of my beliefs. It took me a long time to accept this love, but it was too strong. I never thought of replacing the mother of his children and I didn’t want our story to harm the children,” he told Io Dona magazine. In the end, their love won and they formalized a relationship that continues to this day, 17 years after crossing paths in each other’s lives.

Among their future plans was always to have a girl in common. The little Paola was born in February 2013, the year in which Pausini first savored the sensations of motherhood. Family settled between Miami and Romesince professional obligations require them to travel constantly.

Why You Don’t Want to Get Married: A Powerful Reason

Although she has had a stable relationship for 17 years, Laura Pausini has ruled out, for the moment, saying “yes, I do” with Paolo Carta.

It’s not that I don’t believe in marriage, but that She doesn’t want to walk down the aisle until her best friend can. too. She is a lesbian and in Italy gay marriages are not allowed.

“I come from a country called Italy in which human beings don’t have the same right before the law when it comes to getting married,” the singer said in an interview with René Franco on Mexican television in 2013. “Why are you telling me the law is not the same in Italy? You can get married,” Franco replied. “But why divide heterosexuals and homosexuals?insisted the artist.

The presenter was unhappy with the response and continued the interview as if it were an interrogation, trying to put Pausini on the ropes. “But Laura, don’t scare me, you’re a girl and your boyfriend is a boy. Which, to my knowledge, allows you to get married in Italy,” he said.

Thus, Pausini, without losing his temper, blurted out: “If my best friend wants to get married but can’t because she’s a lesbian, I’m not getting married”. This should have clarified Pausini’s position, but the presenter had something to add: “Is your best friend a lesbian?”

“No. Well yes, I have several lesbian friends, several homosexual friends, what’s the problem?” Pausini replies, to end up dropping a zasca that hinted at his weariness in the face of so much impertinence. Attention Rene, hold on tight, huh, because Italian heterosexuals are hitting. especially women“.

The blanket you regret

In September 2020, the singer entered El Hormiguero via video call to chat with Alejandro Sanz, Pablo López and Pablo Motos about her coaching role in The voice. However, things did not end there. Trancas and Barrancas wanted to know if the singer he regretted a few looks or a style of the past.

“I look like an 80 year old lady”he exclaims, showing the cover of one of his first albums from his mobile phone.

The cover that Laura Pausini regrets // Agencies

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