Manuel Balbi, reflection on acting and culture

for the actor Manuel Balbithe magic is in believing, just look around and see who is there to support, relativesfriends or friends you know will be there by your side.

Moreover, after the pandemicthe loss, fears and uncertainties accumulated, staying locked up not knowing what was going to happen the next day, even with all that, the magic was there, recognizing all the people who taught him to listen and reach 2022 with new Projects.

In this way, grateful, and with many learnings, Balbi arrives at the savior brothersMexican series produced by Disney+which can already be seen in Latin America.

“The magic was given to us from the beginning, I like to see it as a disney talethe ties came together ever since he left the head of Francois de la Reguera Six years ago, the idea of ​​a story of brothers who meet and separate for an ideological, physical reason, but they came together for a dream and we were all dreaming at the same time”, says Manuel Balbi.

In an interview with Reporte Indigo, Manuel says that the series’ path to reaching the Platform It was complex, there were several closed doors, because they didn’t believe it was a viable project, but when Disney joined them, they saw it as an opportunity to send a strong message to the childhood and at the familiesespecially after lockdown.

“When the children locked themselves in their homes, ZoomI saw it with my nephews, children of friends, they were already annoyed by everything, they no longer connected to anything, but now it’s like going back to our essence and, in a way, what we do with it the project is to tell them ‘yes magic exists, turn around and see who you have, observe it, because together we are moving forward,’ he says.

Playing a villain for Manuel Balbi

The production of Sula Moviesis distributed by Entertainment Alebrije and consists of 10 episodes of 30 minutes each. Between entanglements, rivalries, magic and humor, the Salvador brothers must put aside their differences and join forces to regain the lost glory of the antique shop of the family.

But, to accomplish their mission, they will have to face the adventures of Quiroga Brothers, a family whose mission is to end Salvador’s store forever. And Manuel Balbi will be in charge of giving life to Vladimir Quiroga.

“The cool thing is that each character was designed around each person’s personality, I thought, ‘Am I just that fucking little?’, and decided to make it more over the top. C is a guy Englishbut in Mexico, all his own, stretched, perfect, damaged, immaculate, but he has a lot of fun, he makes a lot of mistakes, even though he thinks he does everything very well”, he explains in laughing.

Manuel worked with actress Mariana Gajá to bring the bad guys of this series, next to her he felt very comfortable, because he also brought out his inner girl to dare to play and be part of this balance of two forces that meet.

As an actor, he realized he wasn’t going to get a better opportunity to perform on stage and bring out his villain with one of the character references from disney: Jafarfrom the movie Aladdin.

“I took it to the cartoon, based on Jafar, who is all elegant, where the words weigh, are very clear and with perfect diction. Now that I see him, I say ‘wow, that turned out like this!’ I wanted it to be too much obsessive compulsivebecause Vladimir is a very affected, histrionic character, and I had to exaggerate everything, ”he says.

Arriving on a platform like Mickey’s house represents an opportunity for Balbi to show off all he can achieve, as well as provide a Contents innovative and quality that invites families to have fun for a while.

“Now that I see him, I really appreciate him and it’s very rare to see him, but I can tell you that I see him and I love him, it’s very difficult for me to judge him, I think, ‘that’s what it had to be,’ he shares.

“I was born to play and that’s what I like, to lend myself to the public, to entertain them, to amuse them, I feel a great responsibility, but it’s something I like”

Manuel BalbiActor

It’s time to see the priorities

To be in this series, accompanied by a great to throw such as Francisco de la Reguera, Naomy Romo, Nacho Tahhan, Daniel Fuentes Lobo, Juan Ugarte and Mariana Gajá, as well as the entire creative team, have given it a new luck To grow professionally.

After living through unreal times during the confinementa stage in which, he admits, he felt lost, helped him to do some introspection and to see his priorities.

“I never lacked for anything, I went to work until the pandemic arrived and we locked ourselves; before they spoke to me for this series i had my extra pounds, depressed from the pandemic, fresh out of covid. Now that we are out on the street, that we had the opportunity to record last year with all the measures, you are grateful to reconnect already”, he expresses.

For the actor, what life has taught him is that nothing is forever, so his mantra is to enjoy the Gift.

“We can’t feel like gods, we’ve already won everything, that’s why my plans have completely changed. I felt the world around me was turning to jelly and melting, so I had to reconnect who I’m with,” he said.

Balbi concludes that at this time his task as an actor is to remember who he is and what he is looking for in his career. Well, since there are so many options Contentsmust regain its importance in society.

“We are artists, sometimes in the product we can convey many messages and there is nothing better than something positive via fiction. That’s why we are actors, more than being famous, glamorous, we act as a tension trigger”.

“It caused me a lot of stress to see so many actors, co-workers and me here eating cookies, cooped up, but rather what I liked seeing is that that’s why that we are here. And if the producerscompanies that once thought gambling was frivolous, I think a world without training neither culture flows, it gets lost, you become a robot,” he stresses.

20 years of work

the actor he confesses that he still has to do all the characters in his 40s and 50s. One of his biggest dreams is to interpret for jesus christdue to his ideology and mysticism, he also thinks he is a very complex character.

“I never feel like I’ve done it all, you can always do it again and better, because I’m growing up, you’re getting older. I can’t do what I was doing 20 years ago anymore, I have a another register, another way of visualizing, feeling, analyzing”.

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