Marina activity picks up 10.3% in 2021, up to 150 million euros

The marinas are in the foreground. The cumulative turnover of the 33 main marina management companies was 150 million euros, which represents an increase of 10.3% in 2021, after the fall caused by the health crisis, reaching record levels in the sale and rental of boats, and high occupancy rates in the summer season, according to DBK sector observatory from Informa.

According to the reportthe outlook for the marina mooring management activity by 2022 is favorable, in a scenario of consolidation of nautical tourism as safe tourism and a greater presence of foreign tourists on the coasts. There are currently 292 listed marinas, with an overall capacity of 133,700 berths, 68% of which are located in the Mediterranean, with an average number of berths per port of 458.

In 2020, there was a decline in the sale of pleasure boats and demand for moorings due to intermittent border closures, mobility limitations and economic damage to families and businesses.

The scenario of the recovery of water sports, with record growth in demand for the sale and rental of boats, has boosted the occupancy rate of marinas, which reached 100% in some of them during the summer season , primarily supported by local tourism.

The autonomous communities with the highest number of marinas are Andalusia and Catalonia, with 48 and 46 facilities respectively in February 2022, followed by the Valencian Community, with 40, and the Balearic Islands, with 37.

Catalonia concentrates the greatest number of moorings, with 29,664 moorings on this date, followed by Andalusia, with 21,803, and the Balearic Islands, with 20,489. Adding the Valencian Community and Galicia, the first five communities together concentrate almost 78% of the total supply.

It is estimated that 79% of moorings are operated by private companies through concession contracts, while the remaining 21% is managed directly by the regional entities and the port authorities that own the ports. In February 2022, the top ten private marina management companies together accounted for 13% of total berth capacity.

On the other hand, further growth in activity is expected in the short term, in a scenario of increased presence of foreign tourists on the coasts and consolidation of sailing as a safe tourist option.

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