Marvel is shaking up incel culture

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  • “Moon Knight enters headfirst into the best series of 2022”

    moon knight It’s a small step for humanity, but a giant leap for incel culture. One of the great hits of the Marvel Studios series moon knight was to give a completely different personality to Steven Grant, one of the multiple personalities of the character of Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac). Instead of repeating the self-confident, successful movie producer we’ve seen all our lives in the comics, they turned him into a lovable incel. Now, the completely and absolutely self-confident personality is the main one of Marc Spector. Since it’s still too early to talk about where they’re going in the series with Mr. Knight (who I’m sure will be just as satisfying, although he doesn’t look like Warren Ellis’ cool sleuth, even if it remains to be seen if he will be the guy with the centered head of Jeff Lemire) suppose it is a mocking version, the harlequin of Commedia dell’Arte, a clear contrast to the tough and determined Marc Spector, main personality and avatar of main Moon Knight. Mr. Knight would clearly be the Brighella of the Commedia dell’Arte. And among all of them stands out the incel to which everything happens, the incel in which the dissociative personality disorder is reflected. It’s a twist on the Pulcinella, the silly servant of the Neapolitan model. And that makes perfect sense. The weight of the hero is to get the viewer to identify with him, something the villains never have to worry about, Ethan Hawke’s correct theory, and that from fragility to action, to determination is a good way to anchor the interest of viewers who are new to the Moon Knight universe. It was a gamble, but it worked out well for Marvel Studios.

    Gabor Kotschy

    After watching the first two episodes of moon knight, the interpretation of Oscar Isaac shows that it is possible to show another type of incel which seriously competes with the incel of Joaquin Phoenix in Joker, which caused a strong controversy (based on the fact that this character was a cinematic representation of the aggressive subculture generated in Internet forums that has become a violent community), even if they are different characters, and above all, it makes us realize that Oscar Isaac could have perfectly played in the film of Todd Phillips with an equally surprising result. And, incidentally, it does a favor to the original incel culture, the one that was born 20 years ago, the one that ironically (because of its evolution) was created by a 24-year-old bisexual woman in the year 2000 , not the byproduct that led in 2018, two decades later, to a monstrosity of misogyny-laden violence. Oscar Isaac’s character, the Steven Grant of Marvel Studios, strips away the rage and misogyny and rids himself of the bile parody this subculture had become. Above all, leaving aside the personality disorder, it posits a new model of incel, a new non-toxic example. Where the fuck does all this come from? According to the little data there is on these groups, they are linked to mental illness. Our Moon Knight Incel association is not so far-fetched.

    And that’s a different point of view than the one usually given to incel. The enigma of Paul Dano in The Batman and the community it generates on the Internet wanders between the incel of jokerBrad Pitt’s Tyler Durden in fight club and everything unbalanced in real life related to far-right groups. Moon Knight plays with the concept of incel being more real, more everyday, and easier for audiences to relate to. And it’s healthy insofar as it offers new non-violent models. In the end, that Marc Spector, a mercenary who was already violent, an unhinged ex-army veteran, either violent or the executing arm of Konshu, the Egyptian moon god, makes perfect sense. And that the show didn’t want to play with violent incel (since it took a blank canvas to create from scratch one of Marc Spector’s personalities, who’s been anything but a sharp dude in the comics) and bet on a different type of character. And not just to take advantage of the comic vision of Oscar Isaac, who already has the personality of Mr. Knight for that.

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