Minister Benado began the commemoration of the International Sports Day

The Martín Vargas de Maipú sports center was the place that housed one of the more than 40 activities that take place throughout the country to commemorate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. Through the presentation of various workshops, coordinated by the Municipality and with the support of the National Institute of Sport, Minister Alexandra Benado and Mayor Tomás Vodanovic, underlined the importance of working in coordination to reach all territories with activities that promote healthy habits, sports with a gender and inclusion approach.

“Today we commemorate Sports Day, it is a day, but every day of the year is conducive to the promotion of sport, physical activity and bodily expressions that we know are not beneficial only for the physical but also for the mental and social cohesion. I am very grateful for the invitation of Mayor Vodanovic and to be able to share with the community of Maipú in the territories, on the ground and appreciate the number of physical and sports activity workshops and above all, the inclusion workshops. It was very exciting to be able to see how the ministry, the municipality and the IND are working together,” Minister Benado said.

In turn, the mayor of Maipú appreciated the joint activities between the ministry and local governments: “We are honored to receive the visit of the minister, to work with a government that understands that sport is essential for socio-emotional development people, for social cohesion. Today, thanks to a joint work with the government, we are launching our offer of workshops for this year, where we have doubled the offer in the commune, adding more than 130 workshops, with 24 different disciplines, with a gender approach and distributed territorially throughout the municipality. . It is therefore a big bet that we are making as a municipal management to promote the development of sport in the community and we are sure that we will find in the Government and the Minister an important ally to understand that sport is fundamental in the development of the society. , especially after the pandemic,” the mayor said.


On the occasion, the Minister of Sports was consulted on the presentation of a bill prohibiting transgender athletes from participating in high-level competitions and on the Government’s opinion on this subject. The Secretary of State underlined that “as a government, we have always promoted inclusion, human rights. The International Olympic Committee has also spoken out on these issues and we will not allow any arbitrary discrimination, neither for gender identity nor for sexual orientation. We will therefore study the project, in principle it does not seem to be a good policy”.

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