Need to spruce up your business? Start by changing the color

Easter is approaching and we have a few extra days where there is not so much activity so we can take the opportunity to make arrangements at the premises or the house. Mainly if you have a store, since you need to give it a new look to attract new customers and surprise loyal consumers.

A good look in any company is super important, remember that love is born from the sight, and it will be the first impression they will have of the place. Moreover, it is the easiest way to give it a different touch. However, we know that it is not easy to choose from such a wide range, which is why we accompany you with a quick guide to choose a palette adapted to your bisne, in addition to a mega promotional tip that Comex brings so that you take care of your budget.

First of all, it is important that you know that it will take a few days, so it is necessary to consider doing it on a day when you do not open or during closing hours. Second, you have to identify the sector of activity, there are a few rules to follow. For example, if it is aimed at health, it should be based on a white color, this is because it should reflect cleanliness, and thus it will be much easier to control the cleanliness of spaces. For food centers, you can rely on the psychology of color, if you want to stimulate appetite and consume energetically, you can apply red, orange or warm colors (remember the tones of fast food chains), instead, if you have a pastry shop or cafe, it’s best to opt for pastel and neutral colors that give your guests relaxation.

The same goes for places that need relaxation, like a beauty salon or a spa, you can try neutral colors like sand or beige, and contrast it in some places with bluish, green tones. water, even purple or pink. If it’s a bar, opt for darker colors to create a sexier vibe, or bright colors to make it funnier.

But before choosing your paint, remember that you should follow the tones or choose combinations that go with your logo or brand identity. To do this, you can choose complementary colors, triad, square, analogous, and others. To give you an idea and inspire you, we leave you the link of the Comex color palettes where you will find many very nice options: Comex color palettes here

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