Neighborhood life is at the Tokischa

Between Tokischa and her father, there was a constant fight when she was a child. He criticized her for being so outgoing and sultry.

“Since I was a kid, I’ve always been like that,” the artist said. “My father told me that I was going to be an exhibitionist.”

Over the years, this characteristic of Tokischa has only grown stronger, and now that she is an adult – and as if it were a hunch – it is a fundamental part of her style as an artist.

“It’s already in my nature,” he said. “My sexuality and the way I express myself is something more than me, my nature as a person.”

Tokischa was born in Los Frailes, a working-class neighborhood in Santo Domingo where its population of about 20,000 is mostly lower-middle class and very low-income, according to the Siempre Adelante Foundation, which does charity work in the neighborhood. . A large part of its inhabitants work in the industrial sector or live from informal trade.

In the case of Tokischa and his family, they did not live in a troubled area of ​​this neighborhood, but rather those who were loud and quarrelsome.

“Where I grew up, it’s quiet,” said the trap singer from New York City, where she was on tour. “But the further you go into the neighborhood, the hotter it gets. […] I think the loudest ones were my family; it was we who always argued: my father, my aunts; still remarkable our presence in the neighborhood. Yes, I come from a very aggressive family.

Cuando Tokischa Altagracia Peralta, su nom completo, salió de su casa a los 18 años, commenzó a caer en cuenta de que la agresividad que ella tenía dentro podía ser canalizada de otra form, como por ejemplo, à través de la música, su pasión since childhood.

“I feel like I was able to calm that aggressiveness by understanding that it’s like a powerhouse energy,” he said. “That if I send it to something else, give it another purpose, I can get more out of it; then I do a performance aggressively, but with an educated, educated aggressiveness to get that energy out and put it in a performance“.

Thus, she combined in her style what was most natural in her: the extreme sensuality and the rawness with which she was brought up. From there were born songs like “Linda”, “Tukuntazo”, “School contempt” and “Perra”. The songs, which talk about experiences, fantasies, what surrounds him and where Tokischa is from, combined with explicit language, quickly became social media hits. Today, the artist has millions of followers in various parts of the world.

A few weeks ago, she traveled to the East Coast to present the Popola Tour, which took her for the first time to different cities in the United States. His shows have been sold out despite the fact that he has yet to release a single album. This is a project for 2023.

In the meantime, she continues to prepare singles and turns a deaf ear to those who criticize her on social networks for the content of her songs.

“I have more nice comments [que feos], more people supporting me, more people going to my shows, consuming my music,” the 26-year-old artist said. “Then these are the ones that are worth my while; the negatives also add up in number but they mean nothing to me, I just feel like one person reaching out to another to comment on something negative has something personal that they don’t unresolved and she just projects it that way”.

The Dominican singer will release an album in 2023. Photo: Courtesy

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