Orange and Hi-Tech Ozone are developing advanced technology in the generation and control of ozone

The Valencian company Hi-Tech Ozone and the communications multinational Orange have set up, after more than two years of investment in R+D+I and with the financial support of the entity BBVAnail indoor environmental control technology who promises to give a lot to say efficiency and effectiveness in the sanitation treatment of very sensitive environments occupied by persons in need of special protection, such as retirement homescertain hospital services or centers for people with functional diversityto cite just three examples.

As we know, the ozone is an agent strongly oxidizing with proven effects fungicides, bactericides and viricides: according to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is one of the most effective disinfectants for all types of microorganisms, unicellular and multicellular.

However, like virtually all known biocides, the use of ozonation techniques does not it’s harmlessand may even have adverse consequences for human health if the exposure time and limits for humans are not controlled.

“It’s him challenge we had to face: explore a technology which, meeting regulatory standards in the presence and absence of humans, is safe for humans and effective in eliminating viruses, bacteria and fungi”, explains Javier Benito, technical director of Hi-Tech Ozone. “After more than 30 years of experience, we have risen to the challenge”.

Real-time data collection and remote control

The technology implemented for indoor environments appointed “Free Virus Zone by Ozone TM”made up of generation equipment ozone and management portal, developed by Ozone Research Institute to which is added the Sensorization and IoT control layer developed by Orange for data collection, decision making, automatic equipment initialization/shutdown, remote manual control and display of environmental parameters in real time, which respects and guarantees the use of the ozone safely within the exposure limit values ​​authorized for spaces with human presence by national authorities and international regulations.

This technology recently patented in Spain and in the European Unionallows the remote viewing environmental parameters in real time with customizable frequency in data collection, allowing the control of the equipment, also in real time, amply compliant with the standards and regulations currently in force in the European Union.

Also in agriculture and animal husbandry

“It has been proven in many clinical studies the effectiveness of the technique use of ozone in a closed environment for sanitation of environments and the massive reduction of pathogens Eskape and otherswhich cause nosocomial diseases, a veritable pandemic in Western countries”, continues Javier Benito, who adds that “the results of the use of this ozone technique in elimination of phytosanitary products in agriculture, as well as its use in cattlewill be presented next April 12”, in an act at the Ateneo Mercantil de València which will be attended by the President of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig.


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