Otec Culture and Territory offers interesting training

Otec Culture and Territoryinstitution born from the urgency of promoting, respecting and diversifying the traditional and artistic knowledge of our country, offers for this first semester three innovative and interesting graduates with national certification.

Training programs aimed at strengthening knowledge from the territory and, with it, enhancing the diversity of people’s skills. This is intended to deliver the practical tools necessary for students, which allow them to develop their own artistic projects and make them viable.

All course and degree programs are in turn accredited, which are conducted by teachers with extensive experience in the respective fields, thus ensuring the highest quality standards.

Thus, this year, Casa Taller de Chiguayante, Miscellaneous Trades, School of Popular Music Surco, with the support of Culture and Territory, opens calls for the following specializations:

Diploma in Tools and Management in Popular Music: Training program that provides technical, expressive and interpretative tools for a comprehensive multidisciplinary development in popular music. Specialization aimed at all kinds of people who are dedicated to music, whether professional or amateur, and who seek to become professional. Classes start April 18.

Diploma Transmission of dances at the school stage: Training program that aims to transmit the knowledge necessary for teaching dances in a school context. For six months, the theoretical, methodological and practical aspects will be addressed for the pedagogical exercise of teaching dances to girls, boys and young people in schools. Teachers, pedagogical artists, professionals and/or amateurs of the performing arts who wish to professionalize themselves in the field of artistic education. Classes start April 8.

Fungi Kingdom diploma and cultivation techniques for edible mushrooms: Developed in collaboration with Divers Métiers, it is presented as an introductory training program to basic knowledge to understand the Kingdom of Mushrooms, addressing the content of biology, diversity, reproduction, ecological and social importance of fungi , in addition to the different techniques for its cultivation. Classes start April 23.

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