Russian athletes suffer from cancel culture, says Mazepin

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Nikita Mazepin he does not have the 2022 he would have liked. Everything seemed to indicate that the Moscow driver would be playing his second season in Formula 1, but The Russian invasion of Ukraine This left him in a more than compromised situation. Besides, in his case it was worse, because he was at Haas, an American team, and because of the importance of his father, Dmitry Mazepinclose friend of Vladimir Poutinein team development. In fact, both are on the European Union’s sanctions list against people with Russian nationality. Thus, the Gene Haas team decided that Mazepin should leave the World Cup.

Mazepin, against sanctions on athletes

And it is that we must remember that F1 has not been a stranger in terms of making decisions against Russian athletes. The FIA ​​has announced that Russian and Belarusian drivers they could not participate in their competitions under their national symbolshaving to take advantage of a neutral flag, of the Federation itself, and also that they should sign a document in which they refused to comment on the armed conflict and to support all people, on all sides, who suffer from it.

While it is true that motorsport has not been as harsh as in other sports, where Russian athletes have been excluded without the possibility of participating under neutral symbols, it is also true that the FIA ​​measure n was not well received by all the pilots. Without going any further, Mazepin himself chose not to sign himlike another former Formula 1 driver, for example, Daniel Kvyat.

In reality, Mazepin also announced the creation of a foundation“We Compete as One” or “We competition as one”, whose objective is to help financially and psychologically the different athletes who have been excluded from their different modalities.

Thus, the pilot continued to be against these measures, and did so again recently. In an interview with the BBC’s ‘Hardtalk’ program, Britain’s public television, Mazepin said that these exclusions of Russian athletes are part of a kind of cancel culturebeen on social media lately.

He explained it like this:I do not agree with the fact of being in the sanctions. I’ve said before that I intend to fight him. This is not the right time because if you look at the whole situation unfolding against the athletes, usually it’s about cancel culture against my country“, he stated.

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