Sam Corlett: his vegan diet, training and lifestyle

Sam Corlett in Vikings Valhalla.Courtesy

Daily routine

“When I recorded vikingsmy daily routine was to get up at 3:30 a.m., meditate for 20 minutes, and do a yoga 10 minutes; I like yoga. Then a run of half an hour to 40 minutes, usually around seven kilometres. He came home swimming in the sea. They picked me up around 5am. In the together I spend two hours in the makeup chair because I’m too prepubescent like to have my own beard. I get about 20 hairs at a time. I used to feel like a jerk putting on my headphones, but it’s a lot of sitting, so I use it to listen to podcasts, interviews and speeches, which inspire character. Then it was the locker room, filming the takes, then going home and doing a weight training session.

The gym

“For gain volume I lift a lot of weight. My sessions start with a warm-up, lots of shoulder mobility, as axes and shields are constantly being used. I also heard once that you weren’t as young as your spine mobility, so I work a lot on my flexibility, decompression and stretching. Then I start with compound movements, you don’t want to do full body compound movements when you’re tired. Then I do accessories, I used to do a lot hypertrophy formationbut now i’m playing with this thing called metabolic stress, where you start doing 10 or 12 heavy reps, then hold for 10 or 12 seconds, then come back without rest, for four sets. A chest session can be with hurry banking and pec flies as an accessory. The back can be with pull-ups then row, keeping the rower all the way back. After that, I move on to volume, because these guys were carrying a lot of heavy stuff. Kettlebell overhead. Might as well do creeping charges. Then I go back to an incidental workout. If I do a back workout, it could be for butt aprons or biceps, for chest it could be some shoulders. Sometimes I also do explosive exercises, so my fast twitch muscle fibers stay in place for fight scenes. (Here, discover the complete formation of Sam Corlett).

be ready for the set

“I don’t have the genetics of some people, so I need a bit of time to be in top shape. A week before the shirtless scenes, I load up on carbs. Lots of dry carbs. I usually don’t eat bread, but at those times I eat pizza and white bread, and I also drink a lot more water, a few liters more. It’s all about increasing glycogen and pushing it into the muscles, which makes you look fatter. The day before the shoot, you reduce the water, which helps you look slimmer. On the day of shooting I have rice crackers with a banana, maybe a little almond butter to keep things going, some prefer Snickers. However, schedules can change and Vikings weren’t exactly thinking about being tough, so I’m trying my best.”


“Vitamin B12 is important for vegans. I also like adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms. I usually take Lion’s Mane in the morning to increase cognitive clarity and sometimes before bed as it seems to deepen and lengthen the REM cycle. I take cordyceps and turkey tail when I need energy, reishi to calm me down. I also take ashwagandha and maca powder, maca is also high in iron so good for vegans. Sometimes I also play with creatine, since it is mainly found in meat and fish. I also have hot water, lemon juice and ginger in the evening, maybe a little cayenne pepper, and add L-Carnitine in the morning, which helps kickstart the body. I take a good organic vegan protein, usually with brown rice and peas, ideally sprouted seeds too so it’s easy to digest. I also played with MCT oil on an empty stomach, especially the C8 and C12 strains. I discovered adaptogens because they help cancer patients, so I guess it was for my mother’s health. In general, I tend to trust the natural process of things.


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