Samantha Hudson: The ‘queer’ icon who does not seek to be and her reflection on identity and gender

Singer, actress, unwitting activist and internet star. All of these definitions include Samantha HudsonWhere “the queen of the underworld” how she defines herself.

Her naturalness and ease in speaking her mind is exactly what led her to become an icon of the LGTBIQ+ collective, although she insists that is not her goal. “I am not an activistAlthough people interpret it that way. I believe that I am as it should be and I think as it should be thought. Unfortunately, in this world, a lot of people don’t think the way they should think, that’s why my saying the right thing is called activism,” he explained in an interview for ICON.

‘Maricón’ the class work with which it all began

Iván González, artistically known as Samantha Hudson, was born in León in 1999 but when she was little she moved to Mallorca. There, as part of a project for the subject Audiovisual CultureHudson recorded the video for Fagota song whose lyrics claimed an unconventional way of life and which was posted on the YouTube platform. “I’m a fag and I like church, but they won’t let me in because I’m having a fight”sang the performer.

Samantha, who at the age of 11 had a stage of firm devotion to the church, launched Maricón with a conciliatory objective, “to bring together two iconographies from two different worlds”. However, this controversial song angered the religious organizations and conservative political parties. to the one he had to face when he was only 15 years old. His teacher gave him an A.

Later, he continued to exploit his musical facet with others with a vindictive course such as For Spain, ruined bourgeois or his latest release, Too much pussy.

Her reflection on her transgender identity

With only 13 year old Samantha started wondering about his transgender identity and liberated himself in terms of attitude and dress. However, at no time was recourse to sex reassignment surgery considered. “[A esa edad] I liked how I looked when I was playing a female role […] I just wanted to be like that,” he said in an interview with The country.

It is thanks to his intellectual training in the different conceptions of gender that he decides to pursue the lifestyle he has led until now, without wanting to fit exactly into the female roles that society imposes. “There is no right or wrong way to inhabit gender, because it is a social construct and it violates us all equally”he assured in his column you don’t miss anything.

“I am in danger because I am the way I am”

In her documentary Samantha Hudson, a story of faith, sex and queer electro, directed by Joan Porcel, recounts the eventful journey the artist experienced when she moved from Mallorca to Barcelona with the aim of succeeding in the teenage pop music.

The tape includes Samantha’s opening speech, where she pointed out how risky it is to be out of the ordinary: “The moment I put on a crown, [esto] It is a political act. Back then in which I put on a princess backpack, I fight against a system that oppresses me. And when I dress in pink and go out and get attention, I’m fighting against a society that rejects me and denies me the right to enjoy my own life. Because I’m really in danger because I am the way I am.”

Despite the fact that not everyone around her anticipated that her stage career would be very long-lived—especially when she suffered an accident trying to climb onto a balcony that kept her hospitalized for weeks— , Samantha was able to redirect his life and professional career after returning to Mallorca and then moving to Madrid, where he took things more seriously.

Samantha Hudson: a fruitful career on stage and on television

The nails, Paca take you to the garden, Poison and Drag Race EspAnne These are the four projects in which Hudson has collaborated with Atresmedia, in addition to her role as a collaborator in Vodafone you.

His the trash aesthetic and its references to pop style They elevated her to the rank of the most well-known LGTBI icons of her generation. Some hate her, some love her, but no one can deny that she has her own style and her own voice. This was clarified on Gen Playz, a talk show hosted by Inés Hernand in which she debated with contemporaries whose ideology is radically opposed to hers.

In 2021, he launches his first performative show, entitled Luxury euthanasia and performed at the Teatro Lara in Madrid. After the success achieved, he launched a new show, Liquidación Total, where he also presents all the songs that make up his latest album.

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