Sanitas grows by 8% and captures 130,000 net customers in 2021, its historic record

The Sanitas insurance group captured 130,000 new customers last year, a “historic record” according to its CEO, Iñaki Peralta, driven by the effect of the pandemic. “Covid has been a tailwind for the sector: there is more interest in having health coverage.” The company closed the year with 2.8 million customers, 8% more than the previous year.

According to Peralta, the company’s growth has outpaced that of the healthcare industry as a whole because “Sanitas is known for its capacity for innovation, its technology and quality of service and its products generate trust. And finally, due to the increase in our distribution channels, which have grown, integrating our own channels, brokers and bancassurance agreements with Banc Sabadell and BBVA”.

The company today presented the results of last year, during which turnover increased by 9.5%, to 2,368 million euros, and operating profit increased by 16% , to 206 million.

financial improvement

Sanitas entered 2.368 million, with an operating profit of 206 million, 16% higher

In the strict insurance sector, the company achieved a turnover of 1,559 million euros with a total of 2.3 million customers (in many cases the insured are companies for their workers or public administration). The company increased its market share, Peralta explained, to 20.47% of the market.

The company intends to focus its growth efforts this year on digitalization (last year 12.1% of its medical acts were already digital, with 782,000 video consultations), sustainability and internationalization. Sanitas is a subsidiary of the British group Bupa but has been entrusted by the parent company with the management of its international expansion. After Spain, which accounts for 44% of its business outside the United Kingdom, stand out Chile, Poland and Mexico. In total, the Spanish subsidiary manages a business of 4,004 million pounds, up 12%, with 11.4 million patients.

Sanitas is focusing its investments on creating its own healthcare network. “Traditionally, it had a greater weight, which has been reduced by the growth of the insured in recent years which has increased the use of private centers under agreement”, he explained. The biggest investment in progress is the construction of a new hospital in Madrid, in Valdebebas, with 100 beds, which will be the insurer’s fifth in Spain and will centralize its R&D activity. The company also has 20 ambulatory care centers and 20 rehabilitation centers, an area in which it will expand with the opening of 6 more this year, in which it will focus on technology and personalization of treatments.


12.1% of its medical acts are already digital, with 782,000 video consultations

Peralta has highlighted dental clinics as another of the drivers of results: it has 200 of them throughout Spain and is strengthening them with an important digital investment to improve service.

Sanitas has 45 nursing homes, half of which have day centers and 5 other independent day centres. After the harsh impact of covid in 2020, Peralta explained that the residences, with 6,214 beds, have an occupancy rate of 89%. The insurer has reinforced the digital care of these centers, medical and nursing, and has 15 teleconsultation specialties to avoid hospital transfers.

In Spain, Sanitas has more than 11,250 employees. The company also has a medical team made up of more than 49,000 specialists and 4,000 affiliated medical centers.

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