She realized the dream of going from employee to owner and bought the company where she started working at the age of 18.

Marcela Saguas started working as an employee and after several years of effort she managed to buy the company which saw her grow

Marcela Saguas (47) first set foot in a laundromat when he was 18. He had read the job advertisement in the newspaper where there was a vacancy for an employee at a location on the corner of Esmeralda and Tucumán, Microcentro. It was introduced, and started a few days.

Nearly three decades later, her routine hasn’t changed much. He continues to receive orders at the counter, selecting colorful clothes from neutral ones. She also irons shirts, evening dresses and is attentive to machine maintenance. “I went from being an employee in a dependent relationship to managing this space with two other partners,” she says proudly, almost incredulously. “Everything I did was the result of constant effort and dedication,” he told Infobae.

The road has not been easy…

Throughout these years, Marcela also became a mother of three children: Ayelén (27 years old), Ezequiel (15 years old) and Thiago (3 years old), and she juggled not to miss or use a single day of her responsibilities. . “Becoming a mother made me want to grow up, I don’t know why, but it was easier for me to organize myself. With the second it cost me a lot more,” he adds. “To have the last one I took a little more time, I needed to ask myself.

The arrival of her first daughter, Ayelén, motivated her to keep growing
The arrival of her first daughter, Ayelén, motivated her to keep growing

Laundry came into her life by chance. Her father is an electrician and her mother a seamstress. Nothing was ever missing, but there was nothing left either. During his senior year of high school, he wanted to help around the house and gain some financial independence. “I worked as an officer cadet completing various documents and procedures for a customs broker. The salary was good and the pace of work allowed me to continue studying,” he recalls.

Le fue tan bien que la efectivizaron, y al tiempo la promovieron asignándole una oficina con horario estable de lunes a viernes de 9 a 18. Saturdays”.

In the end, he had to choose. “I always say the laundry found me. My colleagues could not believe that I was leaving this stability for this position, ”he underlines. “I discovered a passion for something so simple but at the same time so rewarding. People come with a problem and leave with a solution. This is what always motivates me to continue. »

The big opportunity: your dream

The opportunity to become an owner came in 2015. She had been running the Barrio Norte store for over a decade (Vidt 1937). “I found out the owner wanted to sell the business and I started saving,” he says. “I made him an economic offer, and he rejected it. He asked for a lot more money. He did not give up and remained firm on his goal. “I added odd jobs to it, I like hairdressing and everything related to beauty.” Little by little, he was getting closer to the goal. Finally, in 2019, he brought together some of what was agreed and added two of his colleagues to get out of the dependent relationship.

What followed was dizzying. “I knew the trade, now I had to learn the ‘business’. Although being an owner has its advantages in terms of freedom of administration and organization, it is then necessary to overcome factors such as high tax pressure, inflation, lack of personnel.

The pandemic devastated the company, it was not until early 2021 that it managed to pick up the pace.  Now fight inflation
The pandemic devastated the company, it was not until early 2021 that it managed to pick up the pace. Now fight inflation

Laundry, a luxury for few

The pandemic has wiped out the business. Marcela discovered that during the pandemic, your customers bought washing machines and that due to the virtuality of meetings and the home office, no one wore their suits or formal attire anymore.

During this period, he did not give up and developed strategies to survive. “I started doing laundry and dry cleaning at home. They called me for a duvet, or two, but it worked for me”. Optimistic, he says that the arrival of foreigners as soon as the borders reopen is reversing this trend. She washes 4,500 kilos of clothes a day. “The constant movement is noticeable, it cannot be compared to 2019 but it is good

Of course, inflation plays a fundamental role. “How people ‘consume’ is another. They add more pounds to an order to reduce costs. Working like this is impossible because I cannot overload the machine”it says.

Also keep in mind rising input prices: soaps, fabric softeners, stain removers and ironing products. “Every month there are increases, we are used to it, I try not to change the values ​​because people don’t like it either. My goal is for them to always come back…”


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