‘Sport goes through the neighborhoods’ stops in Lagunillas to listen to deafness

“Sensory disability: learning to listen to deafness”, is the title of the third meeting of the social and sports program ‘El deporte va por barrios’, which will stop in April in Lagunillas. En pleno corazón de este pintoresco barrio malagueño se ubica la Sociedad Federada de Personas Sordas de Málaga, punto de encuentro este young people at 6:00 p.m. in which the protagonist will be Estela Doiro, Galician central defender of the Costa del Sol Málaga women’s handball team, who suffers from hearing problems.

The cycle of colloquia organized by the APDM with the sponsorship of the “la Caixa” Foundation and the collaboration of the Provincial Council of Malaga will address on this occasion one of the most disabling sensory handicaps and perhaps the least frequented: deafness. In the capital there is a large federated and veteran society, which is located in a neighborhood considered marginal by the European Union: Lagunillas. said federation has a sports association that encompasses all kinds of physical and sports activities: the Sports Club of the Deaf of Málaga. This will be the context in which the third meeting of a program will take place which, in its first stops, stopped at La Palma-Palmilla (CD 26 de Febrero) and Cortijo Alto (Club Boxeo Málaga).

Thus, to analyze the barriers encountered by athletes who suffer from deafness or hearing problems, the Qualified testimony of Estela Doiro, international handball player who has not found in her hearing impairments any obstacle to the good development of her professional career. The presentation will be delivered simultaneously by two sign language interpreters; and open, since different deaf people from the social scene of Malaga and belonging to other groups, as well as the Federated Society of Deaf People and the Malaga Sports Club for the Deaf, will also participate in it to expose the reality of the group.

“Sport goes through the neighborhoods”, a sports and social program

The APDM has launched, in collaboration with the “la Caixa” Foundation and the Provincial Council of Malaga, the sports and social program “El deporte va por barrios”, which takes place monthly during the first half of 2022.

It is a total of six public meetings that took place at the headquarters of various modest clubs located in disadvantaged neighborhoods or in sports associations in which their members have limitations of any kind for the performance of physical exercises.

The meetings consist of an interview between a professional athlete and a journalist associated with the APDM, and each of them has its objective and purpose, although they all share inclusion through sport and the promotion of positive values ​​linked to the practice of sport as a common denominator. They are developed in person, although they are also recorded for dissemination in the educational centers of the chosen areas and in other associations for which the interviews may have educational, social or even pedagogical value.

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