The best discount coupons of the moment to save on technology (even at Apple)

Amazon discount coupons are a great opportunity to get additional discounts on many products, including Apple products. Photo: Getty Images.

Buying technology on Amazon is always a good option. The electronics giant generally enjoys very good prices, often offering the best discounts if we also take into account its ease of purchase, its speed of delivery and its guarantees in case of need of return.

To all this, we must also add an additional incentive: the discount coupons available on the platform and that not everyone knows about. Is this your case? Well, today we put you on the trail of the best things to do with that gadget you crave.

Technology Discount Coupons

Beyond the offers and even the small additional discounts that you can find in the product sheets, Amazon has a discount coupon special page. You will find the discounts available by category and apply them in your shopping cart to purchase the products you are interested in. a cheaper price.

Proceeding with them is very simple: you access the Coupons section, search by category for what interests you, click on “Add a coupon” and then go to the product itself to add it to your basket. Once you go to pay, before completing the purchase process, you will see how the discount has been applied, thus being able to take advantage of a better price.

The list of categories is huge - Image: Amazon México

The list of categories is huge – Image: Amazon Mexico

The last thing to keep in mind is that some coupons may apply only to Amazon Prime membersit would therefore be interesting for you to register to take advantage of all the 100% offers and the coupons that expire, so that if you apply one to your basket, you will have a time limit after which it will not be possible to apply the reduction .

Still not a member? There is no problem. You can register for a Free 30 day trial here and unsubscribe whenever you want. Along with free shipping with no minimum purchase on millions of products, you’ll get access to Prime Video and over 2 million ad-free songs with Prime Music.

Best Coupons for Gadgets and Technology

There are many coupons to buy technology, but these are the 4 that convinced us the most today.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple's iPhone is now on sale - Image: Amazon Mexico

Apple’s iPhone is now on sale – Image: Amazon Mexico

iPhones are always a hot commodity, so finding a coupon is always good news. This Pro Max in a beautiful dark green color, with 64GB of storage and fully unlocked can be had with a discount of coupon 999 pesos less.

Haylou connected watch

There are several smartwatch models available - Image: Amazon Mexico

There are several models of smartwatches available – Image: Amazon Mexico

This smartwatch sold quite well with good reception, so you shouldn’t let it slip away now that it has one. 25% discount. It monitors physical activity, sleep, blood oxygen status, heart rate and lasts up to 12 days without recharging, among other niceties.

SoundPeats TrueAir2 headphones

Some of the most popular headphones also have a discount voucher - Image: Amazon México

Some of the most popular hearing aids also have a discount coupon – Image: Amazon Mexico

The SoundPeats brand is one of the most successful in Amazon Mexico, so we couldn’t stop showing you this model here. The TrueAir 2 features Bluetooth V5.2, four microphones for noise cancellation, Game Mode to reduce latency, and a total playtime of 25 hours. Your discount is 100 pesos.

Hard case for Switch Lite

Accessories also have a coupon - Image: Amazon México

Accessories also have a coupon – Image: Amazon Mexico

There are also tech-related accessories that you can’t miss. This is the case, to give a simple example, of this hard shell for Switch lite from Animal Crossing which lowers its price by 15% thanks to coupons.

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