The business of “chiquitecas”: coverage, alcohol, drugs, sex…

They advertise them as “the best mass event in town”, or “the most anticipated of all”. They use social networks to promote them, especially Instagram, the one with the highest penetration among teenagers… These are clandestine parties, exclusive to them: minors.

“Let’s go to a peda”, is a colloquial expression among the participants. Some have started calling them “chiquitecas”, due to the profile of addicts, who can enter after a brief examination and without the need to verify their age.

It was during one of these illegal parties that Hugo Carbajal Amaro, fifteen, was murdered on the same Saturday evening. His case gained relevance after his family’s decision to shut down Periferico Norte, as a measure to pressure Mexican authorities to capture the murderer, one of the organizers.

Although they have ancient antecedents, they have become widespread in recent times, amid the vagaries of the pandemic and adapting to the technological tools and ways of being of new generations…

From the testimonies of young people who attend these furtive meetings, their practices and their risks are sketched here: use of sensual dances in advertising, excessive flow of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs… And their disguised sexual offer, attraction to adults interested in contacting minors.

Particularity, the children are paying at the entrance: the amount varies, according to the people questioned, from 50 to 500 pesos, according to the notoriety of the organizer, the place and the fixed price: it can include a shot of welcome, the consumption of a few drinks or even an open bar.

Instagram account promoting Chiquiteca


“Those who organize are mostly young adults who have created accounts to promote their events on social networks. I paid from 80 pesos if the organizer is not so famous, but if known, the minimum you pay is 200 pesos, just for the passage. If you want alcohol, go up to 450 or 500 pesos,” explains Enrique, 16 and who has attended at least three of these events: one in Fuentes del Pedregal, another in the vicinity of Perisur and one more. in the Prado district. .Churubusco.

-Who are the acquaintances? – he is asked.

-They are the ones who have already done several previous events, among the children they talk about their evenings, there are good comments.

They are arranged not only in living rooms, gardens, bars and clubs. To a greater extent, the places are patios of private houses, the so-called roofs, warehouses and large spaces in shops such as car washes and workshops.

“You learn about it regularly from friends, it’s a lot by word of mouth; If you want to know more details and confirm the presence, they give you the account on the networks to follow it and they join you in the WhatsApp groups. If you want to buy cheaper, presales are offered,” says Ilse, who is also a fan of “small” ones, which turn into juicy business for organizers and venue owners.

Almost every weekend they organize events in Pedregal, explains Diego:

“We rent the gardens of the houses, which are very spacious and pleasant, that’s why they cost more: 300 on average, and there we realize the money that moves. How much do they not receive to reunite 700 or 800 children? Plus the sale of alcohol or the open bar, it’s a bargain. About 250 or 300 thousand pesos”.

-And how is the atmosphere?

-There is everything. Only a few times I saw violence, when there is fraud.

– Fraud?

Hooks on Instagram accounts for the little ones

Hooks on Instagram accounts for the little ones


-Yes, the organizer agrees with the police to finish quickly. The party, for example, starts at 8 a.m. and at 9 a.m. the police arrive to get people out. Many get angry because they paid 300 or 400 pesos and start kicking the door or throwing things because they want to get in or get their money back. They say the organizer drops a piece of wool to the police to scare the children, who get ripped off with ticket prices.

Rodrigo ventured out to be an organizer, along with a friend whose apartment is located in a condominium tower, behind the National Institute of Pediatrics.

“We charge 150 pesos. And we did it in the lower part of the building, where there is a common room. Lots of 14, 15 year olds arrived, we were all crammed in as about 200 gathered and there was heavy booze. The noise prompted one of the neighbors to call the police, who came with their guns to touch us and dragged us all out. They wanted to take my friend, but in the end, with a thousand pesos, they freed him.

-Who sold the alcohol?

-Another guy. What they crave the most are the azulitos, which are made with vodka and energy drinks, which gives the blue tint. The offer was 2 azulitos for 120 pesos.

“We ask for them and now we don’t know what kind of alcohol they put in there, if it’s good or adulterated,” says Joshua.

Another attraction, in addition to the type of alcohol, is the musical programming, based on reggaeton, pop and electronic music, the favorite genres of teenagers. And the sale of “maskings”, electronic cigarettes in multiple flavors and with different percentages of nicotine.

Eliseo attended an event at a car wash on Cruz del Sur street, very close to Ermita metro.

“They charged us 180 because we arrived early; if you arrive late they charge you more. At first everything seems calm, but it’s the alcohol that elevates the atmosphere”.

-And there are drugs?

– In some places yes. I had to get offered, but I always said no, or you see a lot of them with their marijuana joints, that’s common.


-Yes there is a flirt, or also gentlemen who pay their entrance, because they are looking for girls or boys. I once invited a 14 year old friend and a man was fucking her, he was giving her the wave, to see when they could see each other, that he liked her and that he could buy her things like cell phones and watches. We had to go…

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