The Consell Valencià de Cultura condemns the veto against women in ‘La Sang’

The Consell Valencià de Cultura did not hesitate to comment on the recent vote which led the majority of members of the Confraria de la Sang de Sagunt to reject the entry of women.

He did this to make it clear that “he has never and will not support macho views and actions like that.” The organization expressed itself thus when reading in Levante-EMV that an argument against the entry of women appealed to a tradition maintained since 1492 and “due to its recognized roots” by institutions such as the Consell Valencià de culture itself.

The CVC wanted to distance itself from this criterion and “proclaim itself a firm defender of equality”. As a press release points out: “In an egalitarian and inclusive society, tradition must be a tool of culture that is creative, participatory and open to new times. The party cannot be the excuse when maintaining tradition means that more than half of the population will not be able to participate under equal conditions in the public space. Moreover, maintaining tradition also implies perpetuating gender stereotypes and consolidating male privileges of dominance and prestige established in society”.

From the organization it is emphasized that “it is necessary” to “raise the voice against these contradictions of the system which, on the one hand, proclaims the equality and non-discrimination of the sexes, and which, on the other part, allows these differences of access to parties of inequality origin”.

In addition, he points out that his “concern for the situation of women in the world of culture has been reflected in reports and statements published since 2015, drawing attention to attitudes and behaviors that violate the principle of equality”. Similarly, it assures that “the participation of women in parties in complete equality is a question of democracy and human rights because if women progress, society progresses in its diversity and plurality, as specified in the report “Participation of women in parties” approved in 2020”.

For the moment, the mayor and mayor of Equality, Darío Moreno, has refused to make statements on this subject or on the request made by a neighborhood association that the authorities do not attend the acts of this brotherhood which has again refused to give access to women. The mayor of Fiestas, Asun Moll, assured this newspaper that a few days ago she had declined the invitation of ‘the Blood’ to participate in the Good Friday procession “for a matter of agenda”. .

They promote the placement of pancakes in protest

Placing black crepe on balconies next to banners indicating Holy Week which are usually placed in private homes at this time. This is the option that many in Sagunt are promoting in protest that the Brotherhood of ‘the Blood’ has chosen to maintain the veto on women’s entry, as agreed at the assembly last Sunday. An explicit option, but silent, that those who defend it also consider compatible with frequenting acts “because not all brothers are the same”.


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