The crisis has not stopped the chocolate business and SMEs expect to sell 50% more eggs: why we continue to buy them

on the eve of Easterthe the chocolate market continues to grow. However, producers are faced with the challenge to raise the quality of its products and, in turn, differentiate itself from the rest of the competition, in front of a consumer who has become more demanding.

Easter 2022: how much hake, yarn and Easter eggs cost this year

“We estimate a Sales increase 50% compared to Easter last year. As we increase the number of franchises this year, we are producing 7,500 chocolate eggs, up from 4,000 last year,” says Emiliano Baratz, commercial director of La Pinochaan Argentinian family business specializing in the production of premium quality artisan chocolate.

A company which, despite the unfavorable economic context, opened seven new stores in 2021, including one in the


Chocolate is one of those foods that helps calm anxiety because its composition includes tryptophan, an amino acid that stimulates the release of serotonin, a hormone that regulates and modulates human emotions. It is precisely dark chocolate that ranks first among the foods associated with happiness.

In line with consumer trends, Baratz explains that “historically, dulce de leche chocolate has been the first choice with branch chocolate, lately all the variants close to pure chocolate have taken a very strong position in the selection of our clients.

Currently they have a wide variety of pure chocolates in its different percentages (from 99% cocoa), as well as diabetic-friendly chocolates and eggs, so that no one is left without options; and spicy and exotic flavors are taking up more and more space.

The prices of each presentation varies between $700 for a 100 gram egg at $17,500 for 2.5 kilos. An important difference compared to previous years is that customers who are already consulting indicate larger egg sizes, so they expect a higher average ticket for this year 2022.

the the average consumption per person is around 65 grams. One kilo of chocolate allows the experience to live for about 15 people.

tons of chocolate

The sales forecast for this date is also very good for Tourist Chocolates, that thanks to the resurgence of tourism, the market is now continuously expanding.

This SME born more than 50 years ago and which today employs 170 people directly and 50 others indirectly, manufactures its products from raw materials. That is to say, imports the raw material to achieve greater versatility of cocoa flavors and intensity from different parts of the world.

They ended the year better than expected and they started the year with plans and strategically expanding.

As for the kilos of chocolate they manufacture per year, “until 2021 we will produce 320 tons/year and in 2022 with the same expansion mentioned above, we plan to produce more than 360 tons/year”, explains- he. Daniela Vidal Secco, Franchise Area Managerand adds “with sales in digital channels and new openings, exports and new national franchises, the recovery in this past half year has been exponential, projecting a 2022 year of $1.5 trillion.”

Del Turista has planned bills at the Easter event between 50% and 70% more than last year. This is based on expanding the business and increasing domestic regional tourism.

quality raw materials

As, Mauro Bianchione of the owners of Sweet homemade chocolates, SME born from the hand of Horacio Bianchi, which in 1963 started production and in 1989 launched its first point of sale in Shopping Spinetto. This is the third generation of chocolatiers.

Today the company, made up of 25 to 30 people, whose workforce is temporarily doubled around Easter, which produces between 35 and 40 tons per yearhad a 48% growth regarding a 2020 pandemic.

“The market is growing. New companies are observed, in my opinion with a very good image and marketing development, but with a lack of experience in the preparation and selection of quality raw materials”, says Bianchi and illustrates , “our chocolates are made entirely with couverture chocolate (this means that its ingredients come from pure cocoa and for its preparation we use cocoa butter and not hydrogenated oils) and the filling paste is formulated with Ganache (chocolate couverture and creams)”.

It is important to consider the chocolate quality at the time of purchase. The businessman warns that the market often sees the use of raw materials such as fondant (sugar and water) with additions of colorings and flavorings. Action typically used by developers for a cost issue.

Great sales expectations, due to the late date (from April 14 to 17) it favors the climate and the family economy (holiday expenses and the start of classes have already passed) and being located in the middle of the month allows the consumer’s pocket even more generous.

Chocolatiers of Bariloche

The representative of the Chamber of Chocolatiers of Barilochebefore the Municipal Tourism Promotion Entity (Emprotur), Gabriel Di Tullioindicates that the Chamber does not have invoicing data at the national level, since it only has 6 members, who represent the main chocolate makers in the Patagonian region.

80% of the commercialization of the Chamber’s products is sold in Bariloche and its area of ​​influence, San Martín de Los Andes and Villa la Angostura, 15% in the rest of the country and 5% is exported.

“We are not very optimistic about the increase in chocolate consumption for the current year, however, we expect it to remain the same or increase slightly compared to last year”, explains Gabriel Di Tullio.

In Bariloche, as in Buenos Aires, the coffee maker and the sale of ice cream are part of the secondary income that helps to support structural expenses during the low season months, the inhabitants being the main consumers of coffee makers, pastry chefs and ice cream. products. .

Di Tullio also owns Frantom Chocolates, company born at the end of 2002, which ended 2021 with a billing of $31,585,435 and cumulative sales for the first two months of the current year are $26,609,701.

The average price of eggs is $7,000 per kilo and the marketing channel is retail in the city of Bariloche, which accounts for almost 95%. The 5% difference corresponds to the wholesale channel.

National Holiday

This year it will be done again the longest bar, which will be 210m, beating her previous record of 200m. The Emprotur, in collaboration with the Chamber of Chocolate Makers and the government of the province of Rio Negro, make a very important contribution to generate totally free activities during the 4 days that the festival lasts.

As a result, according to surveys, 73% of Argentines prefer the taste of chocolate over the price and the percentage of pure cocoa is on the rise, as is the size of the chocolate egg.

In these times, the sector is booming. Besides, Carlos Canudas Rivell of Estudio Canudas He comments on the large influx of queries he receives from those interested in franchising in the field. On the eve of Easter, the secret of happiness lies in the chocolate industry.


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