The Flight Attendant: everything you need to know about the second season

Everything marked that Kaley Cuoco and company had an extraordinary end in The stewardess with the consumption of its first installment. However, the avalanche of awards, marked in gold letters the nine nominations for the 2021 Emmys, caused the HBO Max Original Series and co-produced by the protagonist herself, once again brings us back to this acid comedy that will once again follow the life of Cassie, After finding out the whole truth Alex’s murder.

To tell the truth, after having broken down chapter by chapter the first season of The stewardess, Many of us thought that one of the most interesting irreverent comedy limited series of recent years was right before our eyes. However, HBO and Cuoco itself have other plans to Cassie and that Second Season – the one who leads HBO Max premieres for April 2022– will be the one to tell us if the resolution of Alex’s murder should have come with the end of the first installment or if this sequel can live up to what we have already seen from Kaley Couco as Cassie. The question is close to being solved…

When is The Flight Attendant season 2 premiering?

The series designed for a single episode is close to releasing its sequel. will it be April 22, 2022 when we know if Cassie’s Story He deserved the end that we now know or this sequel which promises (and a lot) to entangle the life of the protagonist even more.

Cassie must collaborate as a CIA agent in this second season of The Flight Attendant. HBO

What will happen in season 2 of The Flight Attendant?

The expectation of this new season could not be less, although the first episode left us with several events that were shaped between crazy comedy and police drama, this second episode, with a Cassie who quit drinking and became a CIA spy, wandering between what’s real and what’s not, will leave us a second season of The Flight Attendant worthy of following every weekend.

From now on, living in Los Angeles, the protagonist will have to gradually forget the events experienced with Alex. Happiness seems to be coming to Cassie, with a new relationship and embracing her new life in sobriety, big changes have come to her life. However, the hallucinations begin to return and the nightmare begins again when witnessed (again) a murder in Berlin.

Who killed Alex in The Flight Attendant?

To understand the events of this season, it is clear that we must understand what happened with Alex in the first season of The Flight Attendant. For this reason, we put ourselves in rewind mode and remember that, in the eight episodes above, we focused on fixing the mess of the Alex’s Murder with Cassie waking up with her lover’s body. After drinking all the booze he could find and digging into what happened that night, he discovers that the murderer was Buckleyone of Cassie’s lovers and who killed Alex to find the bank accounts that house the money of his mafia family’s clients.

Who stars in The Flight Attendant Season 2?

Kaley Cuoco returns as Cassie (something we really appreciate). Along with the protagonist and the producer, we also have the return of Zosia Mamen In the role of annieCassie’s confidante and best friend, as well as Rose Perez like megan, his airline companion. Griffin Matthews, TR Knight and Michelle Gomez are also expected to return.


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