The new business channels that Spotify is opening at Barça

A good deal is a deal that not only gives you what you expect, but an added value that you did not take into account. In the case of Spotify and FC Barcelonathe fact of having joined their paths can bring a series of very valuable intangibles for the development of their corresponding brands in the years to come, as long as take care of the relationship and fire the imagination to hold each other accountable.

just a few days ago, FCBarcelona partners approved Spotify sponsorship with 625 votes for, 47 against and 27 whites, on the first assembly of conciliators virtual history of the club. The alliance between the Barça club and the Swedish multinational, which will come into effect from July 1, 2022, is valid until 2026 and will allow Barça to enter 70 million euros per year. Over the next eight years, moreover, the music platform of diffusion will pay 20 million euros per year by the commercial name of Camp Nou, which will be called Spotify Camp Nou.

Cultural roots in Catalonia

These are the direct economic benefits. The tangibles. But, beyond that, the agreement with Spotify allows the culé entity open up new avenues of business and brand expansion. The first has to do with the team’s roots and cultural identity in Cataloniaand it is that the Swedish multinational is going to create its Catalan version at the request of the board of directors the door. This will allow even more fidelity to a target specific population.

This is what the new Spotify Camp Nou / FCB will look like

Musical exploitation of the Camp Nou

Another of the inputs that can benefit the barca concerns the organization of cultural events and concert at Camp Nou. Having a partner like Spotify opens up many opportunities. Espai Barça can be converted into one of the most important cultural centers in southern Europe. Spotify isn’t hosting any concerts yet, but it sure will be very soon. They have all the geopolitical information and tastes of all their users to do so. For now, they already have their own concert hall like the Camp Nou, which they could use to bring in some of the most famous singers in the world.

This is entirely feasible if we consider, moreover, that Juli Guiu is the maximum president from Clipper’s SL Music Editions. The vice-president of the marketing area of ​​the FCBarcelona He is at the head of a company that his grandfather founded, transmitted by his father and which he manages today. In their time, they succeeded in revitalizing the record sector, while in recent years the media front has been occupied by the organization of music festivals. Strategically leveraging the deal with Spotify in this sense can benefit both parties.

Spotify partners with FC Barcelona until 2026 / FCB

Spotify partners with FC Barcelona until 2026 / FCB

Rejuvenation of the hobby

Organize concerts in the Camp Nou would also be an additional claim for young audiences, thus promoting the strategic sustainability of Barça supporters. “Attendance at men’s soccer fields is aging, the partner of the barca has an average age of 60, while 72% of those who listen to Spotify are 20 years old or younger. These are millennia. It’s a young audience that FC Barcelona can win over,” he was mentioned on the radio show. It is clear that the agreement with Spotify it can serve as a counterpoint to this dynamic, thus attracting a younger audience.

Changes in the shirt

Finally, another of the promotional opportunities for the culé entity are name changes in jersey sponsorship. Instead of putting Spotify, at one point it read “Rosalia” or the name of a recently released album, such as “Motomi”. Some changes that would further expand the Mark azulgrana among the fans of the singers in question, and this would also generate select and collector t-shirts. A set of open windows, in short, which can fully oxygenate the culé economy In the coming years. And make it fly higher than ever.

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