The return of the Guelaguetza to Oaxaca is announced at the Beaux-Arts

MEXICO CITY (approx).- With a press conference at the Palace of Fine Arts, the lineup for La Guelaguetza 2022 has been announced, which will return face-to-face at Cerro del Fortín in the city of Oaxaca, starting from July 25 to August 1, and with a series of previous and subsequent activities within this framework.

In the act carried out in the marble enclosure -where this year’s poster was also shown based on a “tiliche”, a character from popular culture in the town of Putla-, state authorities and federal representatives present agreed that The return of the Guelaguetza on the occasion of its 90th anniversary reflects the hope and spirit of artistic and cultural renewal in Oaxaca and in the country.

The presentation was given by Lucina Jiménez, director of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature; Alejandro Murat, Governor of the State of Oaxaca; Francisco Martínez Neri, Municipal President of Oaxaca de Juárez; Juan Carlos Rivera Castellanos and Juan Pablo Guzmán Cobián, Secretary of Tourism and Economy of Oaxaca, respectively; Karla Villacaña Quevedo, head of the Secretariat of Cultures and Arts of Oaxaca; in addition to the presence of Ivette Morán, wife of the governor of this state.


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