These are the 10 cities chosen as the cheapest to live in 2022

There are cities in which the the cost of living is very high and that to meet all the expenses of life there, it is necessary to have a substantial salary. However, there are other destinations that, with more modest salaries, allow us to live comfortably, taking advantage of all the services that the place has at our disposal.

After a study carried out by Time Out, the English company drew up a ranking with The 10 cities in the world that have a cheaper cost of living for citizens. These cities are distributed mainly throughout Europe, although some destinations in the African, American or Asian continent have also been included in this list.

1. Manchester, England

The first destination chosen as the cheapest to live in is Manchester. This city located in the north of England receives a large number of visitors throughout the year. Is the third largest city in the country and, due to its great industrial development, a large number of citizens have settled in the region with the aim of starting a family and growing professionally.

2. Montreal, Canada

Montreal It is the second cheapest city in the world. It is located in the province of Quebec in Canada and it is the largest locality in this region. Besides the economy, various studies have praised this destination for its high rates of development and low levels of crime.

3. Budapest, Hungary

budapest It is the capital of Hungary and the third cheapest destination to live. Specialized journals have highlighted geographical environment in which this city is located. Located along the banks of the Danube and in the Buda Castle district and Andrássy Avenue, Budapest combines an urban skyline with the beauty of nature.

4. St. Petersburg, Russia

Located in the Baltic Sea, Saint PETERSBOURGor is chosen as the fourth cheapest city to live in. It is one of the most important destinations in Russia. So much so that it is considered the cultural center of the countrysince it houses spaces such as the Mariinsky Theater or the State Russian Museum.

5. Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg It is the only town in African continent appear in this ranking. It is the largest city in South Africa and is also the capital of the province of Gauteng. It is considered the heart of the southern part of Africa and the financial capital and one of the few global cities in the region.

The rest of the list It is made up of Prague, Czech Republic, Porto, Portugal, Rome, Italy, Mexico City, Mexico, and Bangkok, Thailand.


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