These are the cultural shows of the Tec GDL in 2022

Cultural performances return in person at Tech Guadalajara from semester February – June 2022where they will participate around 250 students from campus.

These are the cultural performances who will present the Department of Art and Culture of Tec Guadalajara in said period:

  • theater work “Harvey”.- Directed by Martin Arreola (April)
  • Play “An Enemy of the People”.- Directed by beto ruizin collaboration with the Oblate Hacienda Cultural Center (may)
  • Musical comedy “Chicago”.- May 31st and June 1 in the Placido Domingo room from Santander Performing Arts Complex
  • spring concert from Classical choir and orchestra.- April 27 and 28, at the Tec Guadalajara Convention Center.

Yolande GonzálezDirector of Art and Culture, stressed that these events should be held in person.

I feel very happy to come back; Proximity in all activities and the university experience that this gives them is very important for students.

“In addition to face-to-face interaction with their classmates and teachers. This space of trust is very important to express yourself and do what you are passionate about.“, he expressed.

Students participate in cultural performances at Tec Guadalajara, either as singers, dancers, musicians or production staff.

Guadalajara campus: Vibrart headquarters

Tec Guadalajara will also be the protagonist of other cultural events in the first half of 2022, such as the Vibrart-Festival, in which you will be part of the production coordination and will also have participation in the event.

the Vibrart-Festival will take place from May 17 to 21 situated at Guadalajara for face-to-face events. However, some of the 8 activities included in this cultural encounter will take place in virtual format.

These are the feasts or categories that will be lived in a face to face at the Tec campus in Guadalajara:

  • Technology dancing
  • song festival
  • monologue party

The festivals that will take place in the format virtual:

  • Visual arts competition
  • film festival
  • Creative writing competition
  • Technology Talent
  • Inspirational Talent Awards

Students from the various Tec campuses participate in this meeting and those who have already distinguished themselves regionally in their category attend.

Tec Guadalajara shows in the first half of 2022.

Collaboration in the World Book Capital

On the other hand, the director shared that art and culture will be part of the 45th anniversary of Tec Campus Guadalajara next semester, but preparations will begin this semester.

Finally, the UNESCO named Guadalajara on world book capital in 2022 and the Tec is part of the council that carries out the activities around this celebration.

We are part of the council, which runs from April 23, 2022 to April 23, 2023. For a year, activities and proposals related to reading will be generated“, assured Yolanda González.

Tec Guadalajara shows in the first half of 2022.




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