They are school friends, they started a company that all the countries ask for and now they will charge 125 million dollars

The creators of Vialseg They have known each other since they went to primary school, but each has their own story. However, common interests and various coincidences brought them together again.

I came to Capital with $300 and today it has one of the best burger joints in the country

Alberto Carrara He is a born entrepreneur who decided to invest in stores in Cerro Catedral. Juan Martin Piedra specializing in property management and special developments (countries and gated communities).

May 2005 is the date on which the partners launch Vialseg, a pioneering company in road engineering and urban safety.

“Juan Martn offered to meet us and with the same fraternal spirit of reunion, we imagined this project which, 15 years later, continues to grow,” said Carrara.

The the initial investment was $10,000fruit of personal savings and years of experience in their respective projects.

“The heart of the company has always been to improve road safety in gated communitieswith the conviction of providing a quality service, in a sector with high growth potential,” said Piedra.

Among its specialties, the areas of road safety in private urbanizations and public roads (municipalities), road solutions for companies (private clients) and access control systems, telephony and video surveillance stand out.

“We have over 400 speed control devices based on our own RDV1 radar,” Piedra commented, adding, “we are installing speedometer displays that act preemptively.”

One of the objectives achieved by the company was to cross the provincial border and today they are already working in Mendoza, Córdoba and Santa F.

One of the main customers is the municipality of Tigre to which they made the “Integral Road Safety Management Plan” as a solution to the considerable increase in traffic accidents resulting from the strong expansion of urbanization.


The start of compulsory confinement accelerated a process that began well before 2020. Vialseg had to go through some turbulence to initiate a decisive evolution for the present of the SME.

Collaborating with customers, understanding the needs of others and prioritizing offering quality service were the keys to overcoming the first months of isolation and facing the future with a different mentality.

“During the first months of 2022, if the Covid variants allow it, our projection as a company is to be able to execute what was planned and have even greater growth,” assured Carrara.

One of the consequences of the pandemic has been the setting up the home office, beyond other health measures. A measure aimed at a better balance between personal and professional life for its employees.

For this 2022, Vialseg plans to end the year with $125 million, a figure that would leave them with a much firmer floor for what will come in future billing cycles. This is possible thanks to the growth in demand from the private sector.

“The private segment, in private neighborhoods and countries, is the one that has progressed the most,” assured Carrara when analyzing the balance sheets for the current year.

The company’s partners are proud to present themselves as pioneers in the country by focusing on the road problem and attacking it through prevention. It is that “they have established the priorities by giving solutions to a country which challenges the norm, instead of respecting it”, they conclude.


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