They offer health and care strategies

FRESNO. This Wednesday, health authorities met to propose care strategies during the day laborer season and the Easter holidays.

During the said meeting, various points were discussed on the actions to be implemented in both areas to take care of the health of citizens and avoid epidemics not only of COVID-19, but also of other infectious diseases.

At the end of the meeting, they concluded that the table must be permanent in order to work continuously on the issue, in addition to agreeing on the actions that each institution and corporation must put in place.

To meet the needs of the localities where the day laborers regularly settle, they reached an agreement to establish communication with the delegates, so that at the next meeting they join the health table to share information and that this be the ones who report their most pressing problem. convincing needs on the subject.

In the same sense, it is planned to integrate the presidents of participation, the objective is to strengthen coordination and ensure health and safety in the communities.

In a second point, they have established the donation of sanitizing backpacks by the town hall, in order to guarantee the sanitation of the spaces where the day laborers are established.

The third point was related to the verification of the premises, that is to say, to verify that the tenants meet the conditions for the houses to be able to accommodate the families.

In the fourth point, they established a census of day laborers in order to establish actions according to the amount of population that reaches the community.

The fifth point concerned the permanent coordination of the elements of public security, municipal, state and federal, to give better results, the intention is also that there is coordination between the health sector and the security companies to help to constant vigilance.

And finally, a sixth point on training in various areas, such as reproductive health, care and food handling, among others.

During the meeting, they also discussed the needs that need to be met during the day laborer season, such as child labor, garbage, disease, and safety.

Likewise, in the case of the holiday week in which they expect a large influx to Plateros, they will intensify operations in the municipal headquarters and the demarcation checkpoints.

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