They seek the expansion of the culture of Nuevo León

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Monterrey.- With a new approach, the culture of every corner of the state will be strengthened with the aim of achieving more united communities, the positioning of traditions and the discovery of new talents.

For this, Melissa Segura, Secretary of Culture, said she needs the support of the 51 municipalities, with which they have signed the agreement to guarantee that cultural expression is carried out from a street, from a square or a park.

“You are the culture of Nuevo León, you are the music of Indepe, you are the dances of Terán, you are the parties of Allende; Nuevo León is a state with great cultural wealth, but above all with a powerful creative capacity. This is why the Ministry of Culture starts from this inclusive vision and recognizes all people as fundamental actors in its construction,” Segura said.

“Today we are starting this program: ‘Your Culture!’ State Program for Cultural Development,” a mediation project that aims to promote spaces for creation, recognition and visibility in all corners of the state,” he added.

The new state program will have two lines of action: cultural participation and the strengthening of the cultural infrastructure, which includes squares, culture houses, theaters and museums.

They will organize 51 collaborative cultural maps, 670 artistic presentations, 9,000,792 hours of community workshops, 51 urban murals, 51 collaborative artistic projects and 60 neighborhood festivals.

At this point, Governor Samuel García said he was happy that the Ministry of Culture has a budget of 30 million pesos, which can now be used for different activities.

“Many governments wanted to monopolize culture in a museum and no, it’s not like that, on the contrary, the museum is a component. Culture must also be in the public square, in the street… there is culture on the sidewalk, in public transport, in the city. Go through public space because that’s where we want culture to happen,” he said.

He even proposed that macro events be organized, such as the concert with Los Kumbia Kings, organized at the time of winning the governorship of Nuevo León.

“Let’s use Perdido’s Macroplaza once a month, a big free public event where people can share with groups of all skill levels, because we have some really good people here,” he said.

In the Central Patio of the Government Palace, the mayors of Nuevo León signed the agreement with which they will carry out new cultural projects.

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