Viviana Gibelli “More than entertainment, I want to raise awareness” — El Nacional

Holy Sunday.- Viviana Gibelli has never refused to evolve, she does not resist change because she admits that getting out of the comfort zone generates exploration, diving into oneself, the discovery of potential and challenges.

He has a recognized and admired career in television, and currently, although he is still on screen on IVC by cable, for the past few years he has been reinventing himself with interesting content on his platforms, especially on YouTube where he has a large number of followers and makes entertaining interviews, but also delve into the human being and bring out his true values.

“Reinventing yourself takes time”, he says, analyzing this stage, while explaining that “getting out of your comfort zone generates changes, exploring yourself, immersing yourself inside yourself, but when you discover that we have a lot of potential, it’s delicious and it challenges you. I’m a woman of challenges”.

The memorable host of ‘La Guerra de los Sexos’ and ‘Viviana a la Medianoche’, among other successful television productions, explains that at this point in her life, more than entertainment, she seeks to raise awareness and work for the YouTube channel it bears his name, gives him the same sense of freedom as radio, although he acknowledges that it’s easier to be on TV, as he’ll just sit with the content already prepare.

Creating content for her platforms takes her a lot of time, but she has the power to decide how to do it or move it forward, in order to give time to her children, who always come first for her. He plans to go for a podcast now.

Single and happy

Currently single and the mother of Aranza and Sebastián, two teenagers she had at 42 and 44, Viviana describes herself as a happy and mature woman to raise her children, although she admits that it is not easy.

“I am without a partner, I like to be with a partner, but I have learned to appreciate the moments of solitude, it is done when you love each other. If I have a partner, I appreciate it, if not, I always appreciate it, my premise is to give thanks and live”.

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How is Viviana from “War of the Sexes” different from the present? “Both are very hardworking, they always have several projects and their day is always short.

Today’s Viviana wants a more restful life, but technology appeared to her hahaha and the world took her to something else, but I’m the same dreamy girl, to whom the years gave her the maturity to value which is really important.


Viviana divides her time between the United States and Venezuela, as she works extensively in both places. About the reality of his country, he says that he believes in democracy and that he wants someone to come to govern who looks at the problems and does not allow himself to be influenced by personal interests.

“They say that Venezuela is improving because the economy is moving a little more, but until I see that Venezuela has health and education, for me there is no country. To improve, is that there is education, that the illiteracy figures drop, that everyone can go to the doctor and be in good health, that there is a quality of life; but this is not the case in Venezuela.


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