War in Ukraine: British high-tech missile splits a Russian helicopter in two in the air

A A Russian helicopter was split in two by a British technology missile in the context of the war between Russia and Ukraine. The impressive images of what happened were posted on social networks.

It was the portable defense system startreak, manufactured by Thales Air Defense, responsible for cutting the helicopter in half. The powerful weapon has been deployed by Ukraine, a country that received the technology from Britain in March, along with small anti-tank weapons or NLAW, according to ABC news today.

Starstreak is a portable air defense system capable of destroying targets with three darts, which explains why a missile was able to cut in two the helicopter which was flying over the Luhansk region, in eastern Ukraine.

Russian helicopter splits in two after being hit by British missile launched by Ukrainians

According to the British Army, Starstreak is a “high performance air defense weapon” and very effective against helicopters.

Meanwhile, an unidentified UK Ministry of Defense source confirmed at The temperature that the video posted on social media showed Starstreak in action. Additionally, he explained that the weapon is guided to its target by laser beams and the missile can be fired from the shoulder or from a vehicle, hitting targets up to 6.5 kilometers away.

Training in its use was provided via a simulatorthe British Ministry of Defense therefore sent a team of Starstreak operators who trained the Ukrainian soldiers.

Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrey Kelin complained, saying British weapons were ‘legitimate targets’ for the Russian military and that the use of Starstreak missiles is a “destabilizing” factor.

They exacerbate the situation, making it even more bloody. Apparently, these are new high-precision weapons,” Kelin told Russian news agency TASS.

Western countries will announce this Wednesday new sanctions against Russia after the discovery of many civilian bodies in Bucha, even if the punitive measures remain insufficient for the Ukrainian authorities, who are preparing to defend the east of the country, which has become Moscow’s main objective.

Following several packages of measures in response to the invasion of Ukraine, the United States is considering adopting new sanctions against Russia, in coordination with the European Union and the G7, aimed in particular at prohibit new investments in this country.

But Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky told the Irish parliament on Wednesday that some EU leaders they were “undecided” and urged the EU to take even tougher action.

I can’t tolerate any indecision after everything we have been through in Ukraine and everything Russian troops have done,” Zelensky said.

Bodies in a mass grave in Bucha, northwest of kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, on April 4, 2022.RONALDO SCHEMIDT – AFP

On Tuesday, the Ukrainian president had asked the UN Security Council to act “immediately” against Russia for the “war crimes” committed by Russia.

“They dismembered, slit their throats, raped the women and killed them in front of their children”Zelensky told the UN.

Ukraine hopes that European governments will impose tougher sanctions on energy supplies, although the effects of the measures already adopted are felt in Russia.

The European Union will have to impose sanctions against Russian oil and gas “Sooner or later,” European Council President Charles Michel said on Wednesday.

Ukraine will also be on the agenda of the meeting of NATO foreign ministers, to be held in Brussels on Wednesday and Thursday, where they will discuss the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“I don’t want to give details, but the supply of anti-tank weapons and air defense systems is being consideredsaid Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Although Ukraine is not a member of NATO, nothing prevents us from providing assistance.

Russia rejects any accusation of abuse and accuses the Ukrainian authorities of preparing “montages” that the Russian government be condemned and punished.

Kremlin denies killing civilians and claims that the images of Bucha and other locations are montages made by Ukrainian forces or that the deaths occurred after the withdrawal of Russian troops.

This version “is unsustainable”German government spokesman Steffen Hebestrei said, saying satellite images prove it.

Satellite images captured when the city was under Russian control show what appear to be bodies lying in the streetswhere they were later found by Ukrainian forces and by journalists.

The Pope unfurls and kisses a freshly arrived flag from Bucha (Ukraine) during the general audience this Wednesday
The Pope unfurls and kisses a freshly arrived flag from Bucha (Ukraine) during the general audience this Wednesday

“The latest news from the war in Ukraine shows new atrocitieslike the Bucha massacre, appalling cruelty, Pope Francis said Wednesday.

For British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, civilian deaths in Bucha “they don’t seem far from the genocide”.

“This is a deliberate campaign to kill, torture, rape and commit atrocities”said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Information and images about Bucha “they are deeply troubling”Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said.

The UN General Assembly will vote on Thursday on a request from Western countries to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council of the body.

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