We have a big appetite for Israeli military technology

Jewish Link.- Britain has a “huge appetite” for Israel’s military technology, UK Ambassador to Israel Neil Wigan told the Jerusalem Post Conference in London on Thursday. Jerusalem Post.

talking in the Post Jerusalem Conference London Ambassador Neil Wigan also highlighted a formal military-to-military cooperation agreement signed by the countries in December 2020.

“There’s a constant flow of people coming and going,” he said. “We had a meeting this morning with the Minister of the Interior [del Reino Unido] and [la ministra del Interior] Ayelet Shakedspeaking of close cooperation in counter-terrorism, security and other fields” to save lives.

“I think it’s an adjustment,” he added. “We are very interested in the Israeli use of technology and how to conduct military and security operations. Our military has a huge appetite to learn and capitalize on this.

Wigan said that England he wants to do things [aún] more concrete… truly sustainable” in security cooperation and other areas.

He also pointed to a formal inter-military cooperation agreement signed by the countries in December 2020.

NORTHERN COMMAND: Miniature start-up nation within the IDF. (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT)

Wigan explained how relations between the countries have improved to new levels since he was last involved in the relationship between 2002 and 2006.

“During COVID, there was health cooperation on how to deal with the pandemic,” he said. “We learned lessons and policies from each other. There is a new scientific context [conjunto] and a research and development fund. These are new areas of cooperation.

Moreover, “the private sector is already a step ahead of governments,” said Wigan. “We are trying to catch up… There are already 50 new Israeli companies in the UK. We want you to see the UK as the natural place to come and expand in Europe and elsewhere”.

Israel’s deputy ambassador to the UK, Oren Marmorstein, said: “The state of relations between Israel and the UK is in the golden age. It can’t be better. First, the connection begins with shared values.

Both countries are freedom-loving democracies, which is “the glue that holds us together…it’s the soul of the relationship,” he said.

When asked about some of the differences in Israel and England in the face of the security challenges posed by Iranthe two officials diplomatically focused on the message that they have common goals of rolling back Iranian aggression, even though they have different tactical approaches.

the UK is part of the EU-3which aims to renew JCPOA Nuclear Agreement with Iran of 2015, which Israel think it has too many holes.

But the two countries agree to try to prevent the Islamic Republic obtain a nuclear weapon and seek to reduce other forms of aggression from Tehran.

Cover photo: Neil Wigan, UK Ambassador to Israel, and Oren Marmorstein, Israeli Deputy Ambassador to the UK at the Jerusalem Post Conference in London, March 31, 2022. (Photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/ THE JERUSALEM POST)

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