‘We have to build culture to keep our city clean’: Mayor Ospina

Starting at 6:00 a.m. today (04.07.2022), Mayor Jorge Iván Ospina walked through Ciudad de Cali Avenue to identify the most critical points affected by solid waste and define a work plan that allows the cleaning of the environment.

“We have to build a lot of civic culture, there is no way to keep our city, our canals and our road dividers clean, if this misfortune of anarchy continues where everyone does what they want and contaminates us in ways irresponsible,” Ospina said.

The President was accompanied by servants from his government team, Emcali officials and representatives of sanitation companies, involved in cleaning and control activities in the areas visited. A shock plan has been announced which must be carried out before the end of the first half of this year.

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“You have to have a constant in this type of work. We need to consolidate the work of toilet operators, we want them to have more frequencies, more presence; We need a leading role for Emcali in the maintenance of the canals, to avoid waste on the slope and at the bottom of the canal. We need a very strong task from the Dagma in terms of tree cover and green spaces,” added Ospina.

Alongside these activities, the Administrative Department of Planning and the Special Administrative Unit of Municipal Public Services (Uaespm) must design a planan integral for the adequate treatment of rubble.

“We have an intensive plan, we are going to collect 24,000 cubic meters of rubble from public roads, in 31 places (in the whole city). Remind the community that rubble is special waste and ranchers should be called to dispose of it correctly, the line is 3503521158, or the cleaning operator at line 110 of Emsirva”, explained Marco Vera, director of the Uaespm.

Jaime Artunduaga, operational coordinator of Emsirva, announced that they will work hand in hand with Veolia, sanitation operator in the Eastern sector, to increase the frequency of waste collection and the maintenance of green spaces.

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“The grass mowing cycles that we had been working on in 30 days, we will shorten them to 20 days, pending the timely collection and sweeping that we have in the area,” the official said.

Meanwhile, Humberto Serna, Emcali’s aqueduct and sewage system manager, said they have 35 operational teams to clean the city’s 92 kilometers of canals; Up to 120 tons of waste are evacuated daily. “Teams will never be enough if there is no civic culture,” Serna said.

Finally, Franci Restrepo, director of Dagma, assured that the most important thing is to leave a model that institutionalizes the articulated action of the organisms of the District to maintain a clean and orderly city.

“Regarding the issue of trees, the immediate and block action that we will be working on is related to tree maintenance issues and the individuals that remain…the idea is that if we have a green belt in this area , it maintains the harmony of the landscaping,” said Restrepo.

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