Adela Micha confided in the controversy with Silvia Pinal: “I was doing my job”

The communicator assured that Pinal had forgiven him Photos: Cuartoscuro

Few months ago Adele Michel He starred in one of the biggest controversies in the world of Mexican entertainment, mentioning one of the most important phrases on the Internet: “It doesn’t take long to die”. Now, the communicator has given more details on what happened to the last diva of Mexican cinema, after she survived COVID-19 and even resumed her acting career, as well as the terms of her friendship with Alejandra Guzmandaughter of the first actress, very upset by her remarks on the air and viralized nationally.

Even if he had already advanced on the subject in previous interviews, it would be after the relaunch of his platform Sagawhich will transmit new content focused on political journalism and entertainment, which could not avoid speaking with various media on the subject, so on this occasion he gave more details to the magazine Television and novels on what happened in that famous month of December 2021, when the actress was hospitalized in a hospital in Mexico City and in a context where other great Mexican celebrities had died: Carmen Salinas Yes Vicente Fernandez.

All the newsrooms in the country were in the same, and not only those of this country, because we are talking about the last diva of Mexico, but I was very surprised to see how big it has become. However, I am a woman who knows how to recognize her then shit herthe shit*… we’ve heard it, but i was doing my job“, he confessed.

The first actress has returned to the theater PHOTO: EDGAR NEGRETE/CUARTOSCURO.COM
The first actress has returned to the theater PHOTO: EDGAR NEGRETE/CUARTOSCURO.COM

The one who was one of the greats of journalism within Televisionalso talked about how he handled that moment, confessing that even though he never felt bad since he didn’t wish him ill but did his job, controversy was generated when he surrendered account that he had been heard since he was on the air:

“Well, at the time, I said, ‘chin, damn it, it’s been heard! », but I didn’t wish anything bad on anyone, even less on a woman I admire and love; I was doing my job, and I think in every newsroom across the country they were getting ready,” he added.

About what the protagonist of the great films of the golden cinema mexican like viridian, The woman I lost Yes The Golden Womanas well as the end of his friendly relationship with Alejandra Guzmán, which at the time exploded against the communicologist like the Pasquel family and the supporters of the dynasty led by the first actress.

Mother and daughter posed smiling for the camera, the image was posted on Alejandra's account (Photo: Instagram)
Mother and daughter posed smiling for the camera, the image was posted on Alejandra’s account (Photo: Instagram)

“Yeah, she’s a huge woman in every way and she said to me, ‘Adela, please I admire you, love you and respect you as always’, to which he was asked: “It turned out that there was a breakdown in your friendship with Alejandra Guzmán, is that true?” And she replied:There was a breakup, but he didn’t like it, and other than knowing he didn’t like it, well, nothing; and I learned from her, a message, I apologized and nothing more. In this job, you may not have many friends”.

Adela Micha didn’t miss the chance to talk about the struggles she’s faced since leaving Television and started his career independently, for which he assured that the whole process was very difficult because receiving a salary is not the same as paying one.

Adela Micha continues independently (Photo: Instagram @adelamicha)
Adela Micha continues independently (Photo: Instagram @adelamicha)

“I didn’t know how to start a business, I had always been a media employee and never a businesswoman, until four and a half years ago, and the most difficult, without a doubt, are the accounts, the monthly payroll! Luckily things went well for us, and if we haven’t made any money, at least we can keep doing what we love every day. It was an adventure in which I decided to riskbut I’ve always thought that if you don’t take risks in life, you just remain static, and life is for growing, for you to do what you love, if you have the privilege,” said he concluded.


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