Fenin awards the 2022 CSR Voluntary Trophies to Health Technology companies committed to social development policies

Family photo of the winners of the 2022 CSR Voluntary Trophies
Family photo of the winners of the 2022 CSR Volunteer Trophies. Image: Fenin.

On May 3, in Barcelona, ​​the Health Technology Industry Meetingwhich also included the presentation of the 2022 CSR Volunteer Trophiesgranted by the Spanish Federation of Health Technology Companies (Fenin).

The prizes, awarded since 2012, aim to recognize the work and positive impact of companies in the health technology sectoras well as health institutions and organizations, in the development of social responsibility policies aimed at improving the health, quality of life and well-being of the population.

For six years, the existence of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) It has enabled companies to evolve in order to make their industrial activity compatible with obtaining sustainable, ethically acceptable, socially desirable and environmentally friendly results.

In short, a qualitative leap has been taken in which the role of professional associations such as Fenin is decisive as a lever to extend and consolidate this model.

For this reason, during the eleventh edition of these awards, held in this year 2022, the Federation recognized initiatives aligned with the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and which contribute to accelerating the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.

Voluntades Prize for Labor and Social Advancement

was granted to Edwards life sciencesfor his Musculoskeletal Health Program. For promote good habits among the employees of its offices in Spain and Portugal and avoid these health problems that have increased due to the pandemic and the increase in teleworking.

The company has made videos and other tools available to workers in these offices so they can perform exercises from anywhere to help prevent problems with the musculoskeletal system. This initiative is part of the Healthy Company program, with which the well-being of employees is sought through a healthy work environment.

Through this, the company has joined the campaign of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work: “Healthy workplaces lighten the load 2020-2022”.

Wills Sustainability Award

This award was given to the company Air Liquide Healthcare Spainon your initiative Acting for a sustainable future. For his commitment to placing sustainable development at the center of the group’s strategy and achieve it through the 3 pillars on which it is based: reduction, care and trust.

As part of this action, it is a question of decarbonizing the company’s operations by applying innovative technologies, implementing low-carbon solutions with and for its partners, promoting hydrogen for all of society, to foster personalized attention in developed countries through the personal support of assistance and digital tools, improving access to medical oxygen in low- and middle-income countries, as well as the creation safer, more collaborative and more inclusive work environments.

The program is aligned with up to 11 SDGs.

Willingness to Innovation Award

In the Innovation category, the Awards Jury decided to award this year “ex aequo” to two organizations: iVascular and Medtronic.


for your initiative Better@Home: digital transformation of the patient care pathway in home hospitalization. An integrated care solution for hospitalized patients at home, whose purpose is the digital transformation of this unit of the Infanta Leonor Hospital (Madrid), through the incorporation of a digital platform and a series of exclusive services that optimize downtown resources and processes.

A solution capable of being scalable and reproducible in different environments to individualize medical care, which positively impacts patient health outcomes, supports them in the management of their disease and improves their experience.

Through the implementation of telemedicine, the digitization of processes and the modernization of the home, Better@Home makes it possible to adapt technology to clinical practice, thus increasing the safety of hospitalized patients at home.


For his iCover Technologya stent designed to treatment of patients with peripheral arterial disease which is characterized by the inclusion of radiopaque markers to provide unique visibility and safety inside the artery, facilitating its implantation by the doctor and managing to treat the lesion with greater precision.

This technology is very flexible to adapt to the most tortuous vessels and has an extraordinary post-expansion capacity, which facilitates its placement once the doctor has decided on the exact place of its placement.

Its production process provides proven safety in all procedures, minimizing possible risks such as loss of the stent during the procedure.

Wills Innovation Award for SMEs

The Voluntades Prize for Innovation in SMEs was awarded to Promega Biotech Iberianfor his RNA extraction system for wastewater as an epidemiological indicator for the early detection of SARS-COV-2for its application during the health crisis for the early detection of COVID-19 epidemics, which has improved public administration decision-making, both in the most critical moments of the pandemic and for the control of possible mutations and regrowths.

The award-winning system includes a comprehensive workflow that includes automated and manual nucleic acid extraction kits, virus filtration and concentrate kits, and extraction and detection reagents for the virus and its variants .

Special mention

In the SME Category, the Jury also wished to make a special mention of the application presented by Ecopostural. For the implementation of its internal sustainable development plancentered on the principles of “Economy for the Common Good (EBC)”, and whose purpose is the creation of cross-cutting corporate policies based on CSR and the integration of the values ​​of the EBC in each of its actions : human dignity, social justice, environmental sustainability, transparency and democratic participation.

Its results have made it possible to identify actions for improvement which involve, among other things, the creation of a process for evaluating the working environment, a plan for listening to stakeholders and an environmental sustainability plan allowing company to improve its environmental performance. as well as a social action plan.

Voluntades Diversity and Inclusion Award

Air Liquide Healthcare received the award for his Disability program. For promote diversity and promote policies for the integration of people with disabilities in the company. With the commitment to improve the characteristics of the individual for the benefit of all, the program promotes the desired process of change, “by anyone, anywhere and for anyone”. Within this framework, various annual actions are carried out to create value, increase integration and offer better opportunities.

Prize wills of social health establishments

In the Socio-sanitary Institution category, as was the case for innovation, the Jury decided to award this year “ex aequo” to two organizations: the Menudos Corazones Foundation and Kalyan-psychology, art and emotional well-being .

Kalyan – psychology, art and emotional well-being

For his emotional support initiative, intended for adults in oncohaematological process and seriously ill children and adolescents requiring prolonged hospitalization. For his accompaniment and emotional support to these patients through the therapeutic use of the arts, so that they gradually and progressively come into contact with their interior and find a path towards greater emotional well-being and a better quality of life.

These sessions are energized by a psychologist specialized in the therapeutic use of the arts, and in a group setting, a close, warm and respectful accompaniment is carried out, as a tool of emotional, psychological and spiritual support throughout the treatment process and of medical recovery.

For his Integration camp for minors with congenital heart disease summer 2021. To promote the integration through leisure and free time activities of underage boys and girls with congenital heart disease. This camp is designed, designed and organized so that any minor with heart disease, and even with any other limitations associated with heart disease, can safely participate.

In addition, this activity also includes minors without pathologies (brothers and sisters and relatives) so that they too learn to normalize the disease.

Special Jury Mention

In this category of socio-sanitary establishment, the Jury also made a point of making a special mention to the candidature presented by the General Directorate for the Elderly of Madrid City Councilfor his Remote monitoring project in the home telecare service of Madrid City Council.

Because of the inclusive and innovative nature of this service, which facilitates the integration of people with chronic diseases requiring simultaneous and coordinated health and social care, in their family and social environment. Thanks to this initiative, users learn to be actors in their care, in addition to improving control and knowledge of their pathology. In this way, complications can be avoided, disease progression slowed down and the burden on the healthcare system reduced.

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