MPs and former sports officials discuss pensions for sports hall of famers

Santo Domingo, DN– The Committee on Sports, Physical Education and Leisure of the Chamber of Deputies received the visit of several sports-related personalities, who came to present their thoughts on the bill amending Law 85-99, which grants state pensions to anyone who has been inducted into the national sports hall of fame and to athletes who have managed to put the country on top.

Congressman Pedro Tomás Botello Solimán, President of the Commission, said that the commission wanted to invite a series of personalities from the national sports movement to discuss the aforementioned issue.

“We invited these personalities to discuss this adaptation proposal, which relates to the correction of the duration of the retirement, for a financial reward, because the duration of the retirement is contrary to the laws of the pension system”, a- he declared.

Botello also said that the commission worked hard with this initiative because it was fixed for a period of 15 days, which runs and they need to see the distortion that said law has.

For his part, Felipe -Jay-Payano, former Minister of Sports, said that he was the head of the sports secretariat of his party, La Fuerza del Pueblo, but that more than a former minister, a former deputy minister , he was there. , in the most humble way, as the creator and promoter of said law.

“It was a dream for me, I always wondered when an athlete would arrive in politics thinking about the social and human aspect of Dominican athletes. Over the years we have built works and many important things, but I have always said that when the athlete is assured of his pension, medical and life insurance, financial aid, scholarship and food, the success of the sport is assured,” he said. . mentioned.

Jay Payano said that we should not think too much about this issue, that several meetings and various public hearings have already been held to study the said project, that all that is needed is political will and changing the duration of the retreat to the gratification.

Mientras que Soterio Ramírez, secretary of Deportes del Partido de la Liberación Dominicana, manifested that, que además de ser inmortal del deporte y ex ministro, dijo que los atletas al salir del país a representarlo, nunca van con bandería política, sino a representar al Country.

“Today, seeing that there is a will to correct this non-respect, where the paragraph which says pension is canceled and changed to a bonus, I believe that you, honorable members, do justice to this, because there is hundreds of athletes who do not have the opportunity to enjoy the economic well-being of baseball players, basketball players and they are the vast majority,” he said.

The former minister stressed that it was not a process that started today, but that lawmakers had the power to give it legitimacy.

“You deputies are looking for the perfect solution, you have it in your hands to resolve this situation, just by changing the paragraph on pensions, for gratification, do justice, may the people and athletes of the Dominican Republic recognize it and we We are in total agreement that these changes should be made so that our athletes can live a more dignified life,” he concluded.

Raymundo Caminero, president of the sports movement Pantoja, argued that the sports field is very neglected and, like his predecessors, asks that the term pension be replaced by an economic incentive and that the requirement be removed, that to receive the incentive economic be inducted into the Hall of Fame, be ordered to create the national sports worker registry.

He also said that a certificate from the MESCyT is required, to be able to practice in the country and that coaches, referees and scorers are included as beneficiaries of economic incentives, who have remained for 30 years or more and that their behavior is exemplary.

Also that the children of athletes and coaches, promoters and managers who have contributed to the promotion of sports activities, benefit from scholarships, medical insurance and transport.

While the legal adviser of the Ministry of Sports, Neftalí Santana, maintained that the Ministry of Sports, on behalf of its minister Camacho, supports the good initiative of this commission.

He argued that the said amendment had legal flaws, which made it inconsistent with the true intention of the commission and, therefore, its execution was impossible.

Therefore, they demand that the first article of Law 85/99 be amended, where a monthly state gratuity equivalent to 5 minimum salaries is granted to all persons who have been inducted into the Dominican Sports Hall of Fame.

Amend Articles 2, 4 and 8 of the implementing regulations for Law 85/99, 156/00.

Botello, at the end, said the commission’s duty was to listen to submissions and then deliberate in order to deliver the final report to the chamber.

During the meeting held in the Hugo Tolentino Dipp room, the legislator was accompanied by the deputies Amado Díaz, Gaddis Corporán, Ignacio Aracena, Heriberto Aracena, Ramón María Ceballos, Jesús Martínez Alberti, Alexander Javier Cuevas, Yenrry Manuel Acosta, Melvin Alexis Lara, Rafael Cuevas, Verónica Contreras, Elías Wessin Chávez, Adalgiza Abreu, Elpidio Báez and Priscila D Oleo.

Also present were Lester Thomas, legal adviser to the Ministry of Sports, Guadalupe Ruiz and Mayovanex Mueses Hernández.

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