Paramount+ is preparing Bosé, a mini-series on the life of the famous Spanish singer

It will be Bosé, the new original mini-series from Paramount+ centered on the famous Spanish singer, who will be played by actors Iván Sánchez and José Pastor.

While waiting to be able to enjoy it in these parts thanks to Sky Showtime, Paramount+ Little by little, it announces all the original content that it will host on its platform.

If yesterday we confirmed that Paramount+ was preparing a new series of Jackass, now is the time to focus on a more “homeland” production, Bosea series centered on the life of the famous Spanish singer and whose filming was completed a few weeks ago.

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Series will review the life of Miguel Bosé, both privately and professionally, from his early years to his peak. will be the actors Ivan Sanchez (someone has to die, white lines, isaac) and Joseph Berger (Cerdita, Tempérance, L’autre regard) which embody Bosé in the different stages of his life.

“Bosé has always been in constant evolution. He is a very active person with a great thirst for knowledge, which has led him to always do and research very diverse and different things”, commented Iván Sánchez in an interview with Variety.

Miguel Bosé grew up in the neighborhood of Somosaguas, where his father, Luis Miguel Dominguín, was a famous bullfighter from conservative Toledo and had close ties to the Franco regime.

During the first years of the life of miguel bosethe series seeks to show how the contradictions between Dominguín and Lucia Bosé (the singer’s mother), a liberal Italian actress who never fully integrated into the conservatism of Dominguín’s lifestyle, influenced Bosé to create her personality before -iconic trend setter.


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As Miguel Bosé became a star in his own right, Spain itself underwent dramatic social changes, as the conservative dictatorship gave way to a new democratic country and culture, where Bosé’s career was above all a constant rejection of the conservative Spanish aristocracy..

“It was a real revolution from the point of view, let’s say, of manners, of attitude,” he commented. Nacho Faerna (The Escape), showrunner of the miniseries. “Bosé was a type of artist that, here, we had never seen (…), he serves well to depict a country in a moment of radical change.”

Bosé himself “goes through many very important times in our country, through many changes,” he said. Fernando Trullols (Cucut, Axe), one of the directors of the series. “Throughout his career, Bosé fought for his freedom, as an artist, as a person. We focused a lot on that part.”

The Bosé mini-series will soon premiere in the Paramount+ catalog. In the meantime, here we remind you of some of the best cliffhangers ever seen in TV series.

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