Godoy Cruz continues to bet on technology in learning

The Edutec program is applied in three schools in the department and it is expected that it will later affect more establishments. The eighth ordinary session of the year was held at the HCD.

With the statutory quorum, the eighth ordinary session was held at Deliberative council.

The councilors debated the issues on the agenda in the premises of the HDD.

During the session, the draft program ordinance was approved Edutec.

It serves to integrate digital technologies into the educational system of Mendoza.

The objective of Edutec is to strengthen the articulation and integration of digital technological processes of teaching, learning and administrative management.

The program promotes a new architecture of knowledge and a continuous process of construction and reformulation within the evolving framework of cultural digitization.

It is aimed at teachers and students in public primary and secondary schools.

It aims to generate training and training spaces that contribute to the integration of educational technologies in the teaching-learning process.

In addition to reinforcing the use of active methodologies in relation to curricular subjects, with a real inclusion of ICT.

Integrate technology into learning

Firstly, Edutec will reach 280 children, more than 30 teachers and principals No. 1-004 “Guillermo Rawson”, No. 1-698 “Province of Mendoza” and No. 1-672 “Renato Della Santa”.

In fact, the municipality has already delivered technological equipment to the aforementioned institutions.

The initiative of the municipality in collaboration with the DGE is committed to reducing the technology gap.

It aims to promote an innovative and inclusive education system that takes advantage of the opportunities offered by technology.

Information and knowledge technologies (ICT) have represented a great advance in the world and the education system cannot be excluded from the advantages they offer.

Awareness at bus stops

At the eighth ordinary session of the HDD The bus stop awareness project was also approved.

This is why posters with phrases alluding to the prevention of gender-based violence, unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases will be placed at bus stops.

Advertising posters would also reach women’s toilets in bars and restaurants in the department.

The promotion of the free line 144 and the telephone number of the sub-directorate of women, gender and diversity of the municipality will continue: 261-3064937 for attention, containment and advice in situations of violence.

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