Michael Stuart winner of the second season of Univision’s “Tu Cara Me Suena”

With an impressive makeup, a surprising characterization and a charisma like no other, Puerto Rican Michael Stuart was crowned the absolute winner of the second season of “Tu Cara Me Suena”.

The young salsero, who until a few months ago “felt let down by the music industry”, today became the first artist to achieve two perfect scores in the competition. But not only that, but almost all the votes of his colleagues for the second consecutive gala.

His portrayals of Daddy Yankee, Marc Anthony, Celia Cruz and Juan Gabriel were the ones that shone brightest of all his other characterizations in a competition where Stuart started off in style with his Daddy Yankee characterization and culminated with Juanga in his arms. . of their own companions.

There were seven weeks of makeovers in which Michael Stuart surprised every week, but the best thing is that he enjoyed it and wasn’t afraid to take on the challenge every Sunday. And it is that the composer, singer and salsa performer not only amazed and left the judges themselves speechless, but also the public who flooded social networks every Sunday to show their support for him in this hard-fought season and where the level of competition was really high.

If last week Michael surprised everyone with his interpretation of the “Guarachera de Cuba”, this Sunday he left the judges speechless with his characterization of the “Divo de Juárez” Juan Gabriel. Eden Muñoz said it very well, Michael Stuart performed “an interpretation with great respect” without falling into ridicule and it is really appreciable, because in Mexico there are many imitators of Juan Gabriel who end up doing a characterization that sometimes falls into the ridiculous, but what Stuart achieved on stage in “Tu Cara Me Suena” was truly admirable and worthy of applause.

You must be honest. Michael didn’t achieve a tone of voice identical to the lead singer of hits such as “Cher” and “I Gotta Do It,” but his characterization, gestures, and make-up managed to bring this big star who left on stage back to the stage. August 28. , 2016 under unclear circumstances at his home in Santa Monica, California. Charityn herself couldn’t hold back her tears and in a broken voice she praised the performance of the Puerto Rican singer from her stage classifying him as a “great star” starting his professional career before and after “Tu Cara Me Suena”.

But the most admirable of all is that Michael not only conquered the judges, but his own colleagues who did not hesitate to give the two points corresponding to his colleague who, in addition to winning the gala this Sunday, became the winner of the second season as the singer of Mexican origin El Dasa did in the first opus.

Charityn, Edén Muñoz, Víctor Manuelle and Angélica Vale, were the judges this season who ultimately awarded the grand prize of $50,000 to the gala winner for which Stuart ended up pocketing $60,000 (including $5,000 in two galas totaling $10,000 plus) to donate to Stuart’s chosen charity, Ola del Cielo, which is a Puerto Rican organization that helps young people with special needs, including Down syndrome and autism, and gives them access to water sports and other activities such as art and dance in the form of therapeutic and recreational experiences, in order to boost well-being, safety and self-esteem self.

Other brilliant performances of the evening were those of Helen Ochoa as Yuri, Christian Daniel as Sebastián Yatra, Kika Edgar as Natalia Jiménez, Sherlyn as Shakira, Manny Cruz as Carlos Vives, Ninel Conde as Gloria Trevi and Yahir as Maluma.

And as usual, the final gala concluded with duet performances in which Michael shared the stage with Kika to sing the classic “I already know that you’re leaving” (playing Natalia Jiménez and Juan Gabriel), while Sherlyn He played Shakira next to Yahir who played Maluma with the song “Blackmail”.

The other duel was performed by Christian Daniel as Sebatián Yatra and Manny Cruz as Carlos Vives for the hit “Steal you a kiss”. The closing was marked by Helen Ochoa as Yuri and Ninel Conde as Gloria Trevi with Los Angeles Azules who arrived at the Grand Finale as special guests to perform their classics “El Listón de tu pelo” , “Mis Sentimientos” and “Como te voy”. To forget”.

Finally, this result puts a more confident Michael Stuart back on the map and with the courage to pursue his career in music. The Puerto Rican salsero and figure of the Univision network reality show “Tu Cara Me Suena”, has just presented his new single “Bailemos”, a proposal for his audience who wants to enjoy and dance salsa as a couple.

The theme is a mess of fresh sonorities which seduce the dancer from its first chords. “Bailemos” is the first song to be released under the Stuart Music Inc. label, run by his brother Tommy Stuart. The song is accompanied by a music video shot in Puerto Rico and available for a few weeks on Michael Stuart’s YouTube channel.

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