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bad bunny is the undisputed king of current Latin music: the Puerto Rican singer is the artist who has reached the greatest audience on digital platforms, a resounding success that continues with his latest record release, A summer without you which, when it premiered, helped it continue to break records and is the most listened to so far this year.

Latin urban music is living its golden age and among all the artists, who have become genuine world stars, there is one that stands out above all else: Bad Bunny, a real phenomenon capable of outperforming the market leaders of English-speaking digital platforms. current Saxon, more and more subject to the Latin rhythms which dominate the trends.

A summer without you is one of the musical releases of the year, an album of 23 songs that the Puerto Rican defines as the happiest of his career and in which all the songs respond to the same essence: sounds inspired by the musical rhythms of the Caribbean, from reggaeton and dembow to mambo and merengue, without neglecting the influence of cumbia, reggae or afrobeat.

Among the 23 songs on the album, recorded in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, numerous collaborations: ‘Tarot’, with Jhayco; ‘party’, with Rauw Alexander; ‘I Porto Bonito’, with Chencho Corleone; ‘La Corriente’, with Tony Dize; ‘Andrea’, with Buscabulla; ‘Another Sunset’, featuring the band The Marias, and ‘Ojitos Lindos’, with Colombians Stereo Bomb.

“I love their music and they inspire me,” Bad Bunny says of the artists collaborating on his new work. “They make music that I listen to every summer. They are part of my summer vibe and part of my summer playlist. So it’s a very special album,” he said in an interview with Apple Music 1.

This “summer vibe” is the essence of a record that, according to the artist, is the one you “play when you go on vacation to an island and spend all day on the beach. Then you go back to your hotel and put it on while you get ready to go out to dinner with your friends. And on the way to that dinner, you ask the host to play the record again,” he told ‘For The Record’.

Another guaranteed success for Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio (Puerto Rico, 1994), who with ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’, his fourth solo studio album, has all the votes to achieve the greatest success of the summer season and of the year, with songs like ‘Moscow Mule’, first single from the new songs on the album, or ‘Callaita’, which had already been launched in 2019.

Bad Bunny has “broken” streaming

The Puerto Rican started 2022 with the milestone of becoming the most streamed artist on all digital music platforms, according to the Global Digital Artist Ranking, which analyzes data from Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Shazam and Deezer and in which it currently ranks first ahead of artists such as Jack Harlow, Ed Sheeran, Future Yes Harry Styles, which complete the first five positions of the list.

And the resounding success continues with his new album: the day of the release of A summer without you Bad Bunny got 183.2 million listeners on Spotify, breaking the music platform’s single-day listening record for an artist, according to data announced by the company itself, and surpassing the drake rapper, that he had raised 176.8 million.

This is not the only achievement of the Puerto Rican singer with his new musical release, since he managed to make the most listened to album of the year on the platform, placing the 23 songs of A summer without you in Spotify’s top 30 on launch day, nine of them among the ten most listened to that day worldwide.

Some data that keeps him at the top of the most streamed artists on the platform, in which he has been the artist who has made the most streams in the last two years, after the publication of the album The last world tour, which in 2020 made history by becoming the first album in Spanish to reach number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States.

That year he also published YHLQMDLG and the ‘Las Que No Iban a Salir’ compilation, which propelled him to number one with more than 8.3 billion listeners on Spotify, a crown he retained in 2021, when he accumulated 9 .1 billion listens without having to launch a new disc.

According to data collected by the digital music platform, Bad Bunny has accumulated more than 35 billion listeners (only surpassed by Drake and Ed Sheeran) and more than 344 million listeners since 2015, with just over 51 million followers. today.

End of 2021, YHLQMDLG, Bad Bunny’s second album surpassed 5.2 billion views on Spotify, extending his record as the most streamed Latin album in the platform’s history, while two of his music videos, “La noche de anoche” , Along with Rosalía, and ‘Yonaguni’, they are the two most viewed Spanish language music videos on YouTube by American audiences.

On the occasion of the release of his new album, the Puerto Rican artist has collaborated with the musical platform for the production of summer elements, an original short film to be released soon, in which the artist will share details about Puerto Rico and how Puerto Rican culture has influenced his music.

Bad Bunny in Formula 1

the launch of A summer without you was accompanied by a boom during the Miami Grand Prix, held on May 8 at the Miami International Autodrome.

Bad Bunny was one of the most anticipated personalities of the event and one of the most important Formula 1 teams.

But it’s not free, because the “Bad Rabbit” anticipated this terrain thanks to the mention of the world motorsport champion in one of its songs.

“Life is like Verstappen in Formula 1,” the Puerto Rican wrote in his song “Andrea.” The reaction of Red Bull, the team to which Max Verstappen belongs, was quick to react, because the next day on the social networks of the Austrian team the cover photo of A summer without you at the back of the car.

The furor moved and intensified on race day, when Bad Bunny arrived as a special guest at the Red Bull space where Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez and Verstappen took photos, chatted with the Puerto Rican singer and accompanied him as he signed the cover. of his own record in the Dutch driver’s car.


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