General de Seguros transforms the company towards a digital and personalized vision

This year General de Seguros celebrates 50 years in the insurance market and as part of this celebration it has decided to transform its business model.

In an interview for The EconomistFernando Álvarez, general manager of General de Seguros, explained that to continue positioning themselves in the market, they have made an important investment to transform their brand concept according to the new reality left by the pandemic.

He pointed out that among the main changes is the expansion of digitalization in its processes as well as updating the range of its existing products within the framework of a prevention concept.

“We updated and got to the cutting edge of the systems because there was a lag and that was the big challenge because there was a lot of stuff we were doing manually and now we’ve made a significant investment in the systems part,” he said.

“En cuanto a la gama de seguros, los estamos actualizando, para que los products tengan esta visión no solo de proteger al cliente ante el siniestro sino que además se le acompañe en all momento y fomentar el ir tomando desde ahora para su beneficio en the future”.

Likewise, he pointed out that in these changes, the objective is to put customers first, which is why services are improved and tools with a more digital vision are integrated into their products.

“We are going through a transformation that aims to put customers first, improve service levels, as well as have a much more agile and digital management process for the benefit of policyholders, doctors and the administrative part,” said he pointed out.

“It has been 50 years since we proudly rectified being general insurance, general health and in the sense that we can provide a multiline and complete offer to be able to support our policyholders and at the same time we are working on the process and systems to have more personalized.


General de Seguros, is a Mexican insurance institution, a subsidiary of Grupo Peña Verde, which achieved growth of more than 20% in 2021, above the market average in very difficult times.

“We managed to face what it took to grow and at the same time come out better positioned for everything that is to come, and arrive in 2022 with a lot of progress and good prospects for the following years.”

He added that a challenge for the sector is to continue making progress in industry penetration, as the pandemic has made clear the importance of being financially protected in times of uncertainty.

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