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The culture of work is changing, it is something obvious and something that years ago seemed like an odyssey or only within the reach of the most technologically advanced countries. Well, it is already coming with great force to our country.

The pandemic we are experiencing has opened the eyes of many skeptics that telecommuting is something that should exist and it should be established in possible jobs as it pays off in many areas.

For those who passed telecommuting worldthey realize that they are in a different environment and have a different way of interacting with their colleagues. Communication is therefore the key to the success of any type of virtual team.

To achieve this, you have to know what to do and what not to do.

Email is the only important part of communication

We understand that email should be a fundamental part of remote communication in a work team, but should not be the mainbecause circumstances may arise that will not be good for a harmonious relationship.

For example, messages can be lost, the recipients of certain emails confused, take time to read these messages or situations in which the mail is not deleted, but placed in bins such as spam.

That is why there are other more effective communication systems that ensure a more real relationship and with much more interaction, such as programs like Slack or others in which everyone’s tasks can be managed, like Trello.

always available

With the advent of remote work, the space between work and personal life has blurred. In other words, in a traditional job, it’s clear, since you leave the office and your day has changed. When your office is at home, this space seems to disappear and there is a tendency in many cases to send messages when it is clear that it is no longer working.

For it limits must be set and certain pre-established schedules from the beginning or maintain a means of communicating to others that we are no longer operational and therefore the next day will be the time to communicate.

Errors in text-only communication

Communicating by text leads to the absence of more or less clear verbal cues, on many occasions, or the absence of facial expressions and gestures that help so many times to understand sentences in case of misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

We must bear in mind that we no longer interact in front of anyone and that in most of our meetings we will not see the person speaking, so we must be careful in the interpretations we make.

It is advised that during important meetings, they are done by video call to avoid these problems.

informal spaces

Working from home, alone in front of a computer, can lead to significant feelings of loneliness in some people who are vulnerable to this type of feeling, which is why it is very practical encourage a kind of informal spaceso that productivity is not affected by the anxiety of being alone.

A group can be created for non-work related conversations in the chat tool used to communicate. This is where you can talk about a variety of topics, like plans for the weekend, a favorite show, or a movie.

Regardless of cultural or religious differences

If there’s something great about working remotely, it’s that you can recruit talent from anywhere in the world. This means that there will be cultural and religious differences between team members.

This can lead to a problem that negatively affects communication and work dynamicsbecause it may happen that people from different cultures and religions have specific holidays or have different opening hours during certain periods.

Therefore, in this case, it is even more important leaving everything well managed from the start and with clear communication between everyone, knowing all these details since the beginning of the working relationship with the rest of the team. This way, there will be no errors or problems, because everything is clear and concise from minute zero.

time zones

Related to the previous point, as with this way of working you can now embrace the whole worlddifferent time zones will allow working at completely different hours.

For example, one must take into account the time zone differences and finding overlapping times to schedule meetings, which we’ll talk about later.

With tools like or shared calendar apps like Calendly, everything can be better managed and shouldn’t be a problem.

The meetings

It’s a type of interaction that many who manage teams of people love, but it can be a double-edged sword.

sure they are meetings are relevant, but all in its proper measure and without exaggeration. It’s good that before scheduling another meeting, we wonder if it’s really necessary or if we’re going to do the same thing as the previous one without anything new.

Meetings should be a place where everyone contributes so that the company can move forward and where all ideas or suggestions make the team grow.

milestones and successes

It’s clear that recognize the potentialthe good job, the team success and accomplishments It’s something that increase morale and engagement associated with the business.

Employee recognition tools like Bonusly can be used to recognize group or individual successes, but you can also embed a workspace in Slack or whatever program you use, where a particular team or individual is praised for their achievements. great progress.

It’s clear that working remotely has its challenges, and despite what many think, it’s more complicated than it seems. That is why it is important that among those who work and are managed by the work teams, the possible errors that are often made are corrected, in order to achieve a better relationship with teleworking.

Knowing how to take it everywhere, it is clear that it is the future of many workers, due to its immense advantages and controllable disadvantages, as you have read in this article.

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