Ministry of Culture Highlights Incorporation of Indigenous Languages ​​into Google Translator | information

The Ministry of Culture highlighted the incorporation of Quechua and Aymara, the two most spoken indigenous or indigenous languages ​​in Peru, into Google Translate, the most widely used multilingual machine translation system in the world.

This week, the Internet search engine giant announced 24 new languages ​​for Google Translatethe popular tool that will allow you to translate texts into a total of 133 languagesincluding the Quechua and to Aymara.

“This is a great step forward in the actions that must continue to strive towards intercultural and inclusive citizenship, promoting respect for cultural and linguistic diversity which represents Quechua and Aymara, indigenous or indigenous languages ​​spoken by more than 4 million of our indigenous or indigenous brothers and sisters”, underlined the Deputy Minister of Interculturality Rocilda Nunta.

In the case of the Peruvian State and in the actions aimed at guaranteeing the linguistic rights of the speakers of indigenous or native languages ​​in cyberspace, the representative of the Ministry of Culture indicated that the sector has, to date, various tools technologies such as the platform Statistical Sound Card of Indigenous or Native Languagesthe application for mobile phones and tablets Uyariy, the Encyclopedic dictionaries of the Yine and Harakbut language and the mobile app Tsiroty.

Windows and Office in native languages

The Deputy Minister of Interculturality, Rocilda Nunta, also announced that the Department of Indigenous Languages ​​of the Ministry of Culture is coordinating with Microsoft Peru from November 2021, to relaunch Windows XP and Microsoft Office platforms on their Quechua versions. Platforms should be available for use on second half of this year.

“This first project in coordination between Microsoft and the Ministry of Culture will have a great impact for our Quechua-speaking population, as it allows access to technology for citizens who speak this language so that they continue to access technological services in their own language. “, indicated Nunta Guimaraes, specifying that this work was carried out by professionals of the Center for Interpretation and Translation in Indigenous or Indigenous Languages ​​(CIT) of the Ministry of Culture, in order to provide comments, observations and contributions to the two platforms.

Finally, Vice Minister Nunta announced that Microsoft has shown interest in being able to promote an artificial intelligence engine capable of integrating Quechua not only in Windows XP and Microsoft Office, but also in the Microsoft Translator tool, so that in addition to the “desktop” applications, there is also a mobile application to be downloaded on the mobile phone, multiplying its impact and promoting the preservation of the language and its use among the population.

In Peru we speak 48 different indigenous or native languages, with official alphabets and have ethnic and cultural characteristics, differentiated as their relationship and respect for the territory.

the Quechua is spoken by 3 million 805 thousand 531 Peruvians, while the Aymara is spoken by 450 thousand people.



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