patents in sport

athletes have gone to immortality with only one movementgame or action that your creativity made them improvise or need perfect.

Leaving a legacy in sport is not something easy, because it is done with great merits or actions that can revolutionize an activity. In sports, there are references that have embodied themselves in the names of parts, techniques, awards and accolades.

Penenka Penalties:

In football, penalty kicks can define a result, a final or a championship and how that game is taken can be decisive. During the 1976 European Championship, Czech footballer Antonin Panenka made footballing history after scoring an unprecedented penalty. The footballer placed the ball on the penalty spot, took a run and with a shot he sent the ball in the middle of the goal, neither the goalkeeper nor the fans present in this final against Germany expected to that shot which meant a trophy for Czechoslovakia and one of the most iconic goals in history.

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Fosbury high jump flop technique:

It’s not often that an event breaks new ground and changes a sport forever. Dick Fosbury achieved a feat that marked the high jump at the Mexico City Olympics in 1986.

Prior to these games, athletes jumped forward twisting their bodies in the air to clear the bar; Dick, being so tall, didn’t have much success with this technique, so in 1963 he began to develop a new style of jumping. This new technique consisted of running towards the bar following a curved path, once the jump had been made, you had to arch your back, fall backwards towards the mat. This new action is the most used in the high jump and is known as the fosbury flop in honor of its creator.

“Scorpion” by René Higuita:

One of the most original games in the history of football was made by a goalkeeper in 1995. The Colombian team and the England team met at Wembley Stadium, at some point during the match, the Colombian keeper pulled off the unthinkable stunt: he cleared a ball by pushing your feet back and kicking it with your heels in the air. This technique is rarely used by goalkeepers around the world, but the few reproductions this game has had have not included the position and technique that Higuita showed that day.

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Cy Young Award:

In baseball, the Cy Young Award is an annual honor given to the season’s top pitcher in Major League Baseball. This award was first presented in 1956 in honor of historic pitcher Denton True Young “Cy” Young, who died a year earlier. During his 22 seasons in the majors, Young set numerous records, including 511 wins. These numbers and records prompted Young to put his name in the history of the king of sports by having a distinction in his name.


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