Ministry of Sports launches 2022 program of training workshops in schools to address coexistence and mental health issues – Atacama News

At the Claudio Arrau school in El Bosque, the Minister of Sports, Alexandra Benado, and the Mayor, Manuel Zúñiga, launched the program which will benefit more than 119,000 boys and girls throughout the country and which aims, through sport, to reduce levels of anxiety, stress and aggression in students from kindergarten to 18 years old. The investment for 2022 is $7,555 million.

Along with more than 250 boys and girls from the Claudio Arrau school in the municipality of El Bosque, the Minister of Sports, Alexandra Benado, led the launch of the “Growing in Motion 2022” program, which allowed schoolchildren to enjoy a different morning, with recreational activities and sports activities, in which they shared with the mayor of El Bosque, Manuel Zúñiga, the national director(s) of the IND, Israel Castro, and the director metropolitan regional of the IND, Luis Oliva.

This activity is part of the “Growing up in motion” program, which this year aims to strengthen physical activity, leisure and play for boys and girls at preschool and school levels, in order to cope with the mental health problems associated to the coronavirus pandemic and which have caused serious problems in school coexistence since the beginning of this year.

The initiative will benefit 119,000 girls and boys in schools across the country, thanks to an investment of $7,555 million, funded by the Ministry of Sports, through the IND.

On the occasion, Minister Benado maintained that “the pandemic has made us go through difficult times, where we have not been able to share, we have not been able to go out or play. Through this program we will be able to create a space where our girls and boys can once again feel safe and protected and that is what we need to do among all of us who are here. The idea is that we protect each other and take care of ourselves through the values ​​that sport and physical activity give us.”

The Seremi del Deporte, Arling Guzmán, pointed out that in Atacama this initiative, which has a regional investment of 296 million pesos, began in April and benefits more than 7,000 boys and girls from 4 to 18 years old, through systematic annual workshops and Meetings: “This program is divided into three modalities: “Play and Learn”, with recreational-motor activities for preschool children (2 to 6 years old); “From play to sport”, intended for basic education (7 to 11 years old) with workshops on various sporting disciplines; and “Sports Choice Schools”, for the second cycle of basic and secondary education (12 to 18 years old), with workshops in a sporting discipline of your choice”.

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