Alemana took a photo of “Tonayán” in Cancun and they viralized it: “It’s not delicious, but it’s not bad”

The German took Tonayán (Photo: Screenshot / TikTok)

Two of the most representative drinks of Mexico are tequila and mezcal, but Mexicans have not stopped there and for those with a less demanding palate there is the Tonayan, What It’s cane liquor and is sold in a small transparent plastic bottle. The liquid is yellow in color and has a very affordable price.

In light of this, a video recently went viral. young german who, after taking part in a challenge while on vacation in Cancun, had to take a shoot of that particular drink and confessed that while it wasn’t the best drink he had ever tasted, it didn’t taste that bad.

It was from the platform ICT Tac where Sofía Islas (@sofiaislass) approached Amélie, 19, and asked her if she was ready to play a game where she might have to take on the drinking challenge Tonayan or eat a habanero pepper.

After a little play, the interviewer tells the young woman that i should drink a small horse of this liquor, but the stranger was surprised to see the bottle.

What is that? Oil?“Asked Amélie first.

To which the tiktoker replied: “It’s like tequila.”

Later, the German drank the entire contents of the glass in one sip and raised her arms in victory after finishing.

It’s not delicious, but it’s not bad“, mentioned.

The minute-long clip quickly began circulating on social media and netizens were quick to react to it.

And since that day Amélie could no longer see”. “He made no move to her.” “Don’t stain, you better give him some gas.” “You would have given it finer, it tastes better.” “It’s a petroleum distillate.” “Since that day Amélie belongs to the death squad”, were some of the mentions.

Remember that in 2021, the Federal Office for Consumer Protection (Prophet) afinished 41 different drinks that cost less than 130 pesos, among them the Tonayan.

Profeco said Tonayán was a misleading product (Photo: Profeco)
Profeco said Tonayán was a misleading product (Photo: Profeco)

According to the institution, this mark presents the symbol of the National Association of Industrial Agave Derivatives (ANIDA), which is misleading for those who consume it, since it is actually a cane liquor.

Due to the flavor and the fact that it dries out the throat, those who usually drink it in Mexico resort to mixing it with other beverages to tone down or disguise the drink and make it more digestible.

The liqueur has a light caramel color and comes in a 250ml plastic bottle. Its fermented smell is a characteristic it shares with other inexpensive drinks. East alcohol is very popular in Mexicoespecially among young people and people with low incomes, because its price is around 1.30 USD.

the Tonayan was created in Jalisco, a state in western Mexico famous for its tequilas. He is distributed by Corona Groupfounded by Armando Corona Robles, which manages a total of 20 liquor brands.

In the National Addictions Survey of 2011, the last where the favorite alcoholic drink was asked, young people between 12 and 17 years old placed it in second position, only behind the beer


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