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with experience Computational thinking, through the creation of mobile applicationsProfessor Diego Fernando Erazo Varela took third place, representing the Pacific region at the National Edukparty, a meeting for the socialization and exchange of innovative educational experiences with the use of technology, held in Medellín .

The work of the computer science teacher at the Manuel Saavedra Galindo de Cali educational institution stood out because it involved not only the students, but also, based on what they learned in class, they been able to teach their parents to use digital tools such as in the form of email through an application that the students themselves, under the guidance of the teacher, created during the virtuality and part of the face-to-face.

The graduate noted that when students had to resort to technological tools to continue their studies from home due to the pandemic, for many it was easier to access a mobile phone than a computer. From that moment the idea was born to unite computer thinking, through an application that would reach homes and that they could continue to work, using this cell phone technology in a wise way.

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“We started to create basic concepts of algorithms. We started creating the programming processes, then I explained to them how a mobile application could be made with a free application from tukey balqees from Google and students began to immerse themselves in the new technology,” explained Professor Erazo.

Not easy with this, the educator imagined a project that could be much more meaningful: teaching ICT skills to parents. “We created a kind of course, a kind of tutor, an application that would allow parents to train in technology and email management,” adds the teacher.

Thus, some students have gone from using mobile phones to only consult social networks to becoming producers of technology and content, developing a mobile phone application which is currently one of the most widely used ICT tools.

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It is an application that has been generated and has become significant without much effort, because in one way or another it has permeated the homes of the educational community at a time when it was most needed, c ie during the pandemic. But, as the professor points out, “it was really a class exercise”.

For the teacher Diego: “this training which is becoming significant shows that education in Cali is becoming resilient, that it is innovating and it is thanks to these exercises by the Ministry of Education which, with didactic and technical aids and with their support, has made it possible to strengthen and have skills to teach new technologies”.

This third place, in an event where only the best at the national level can present their projects, motivates him to continue working with students in the development of apps which they can use to improve their academic quality, which is why they have already been working on a new app that allows 10th and 11th graders to prepare in a kind of simulation for the Saber tests.

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