He went to a company, met a worker with depression and achieved his life’s dream

In the world there are still simple, kind and very generous people. In a viral TikTok video which has already accumulated 34 million reproductions, a woman surprise on social media change the life of a worker without asking anything in return.

The influencer charlie rocket (@charlie) shared a recording in which a young woman was called Perri Saenz (@Perri) and a friend of hers in a self-service Starbucks. During the conversation, they both asked the barista, called Manny, What is your purpose in life and immediately- the employee replied that his current dream was to have a car which costs about a thousand dollars.

Manny was surprised by two young men while on his work schedulecapture of

After that, Perri consulted him if there is something you are struggling with and Manny confessed that he had the Depression.

Then, hearing the answer of the young workman, the two girls left the place, they bought flowers and a small car in which they hid a thousand dollars, and they returned to the facility to visit Manny and give him a big surprise, according to media Mysanantonio.

“We’re about to surprise Manny with $1,000 so he can get a car. I can’t wait to see their reaction.”Express Pear in the clip. Then, arriving at the window of the counter, he handed her the bouquet and a wooden chest, and said:Your story inspired us a lot and we wanted to give you something”.

When Manny opened the little box and found the little car with the money, he started crying and being grateful for the generous gift. “This morning, I didn’t want to wake up.” he pointed.

He went to a company, met a worker with depression and achieved his life’s dream

The way narcity explained that Sáenz was able to collect the thousand dollars thanks to the support of the tick tock Charlie Rocket, who runs a charity called “Dream Machine Foundation”. Now they’re looking to raise money to get him an even better car, so They opened a page. Initially, the goal was set at $15,000, but raised more than 28 thousand dollars.

“Manny is a high school Starbucks barista battling a battle with depression and anxiety. He takes the bus to work every day because he can’t afford a car,” they wrote. they explained from the portal.

The gesture of the young women received praise from hundreds of Internet users on social networks, who left comments in support of the employee. ” My heart beats fast. Thank you for helping such a beautiful soul. God bless you,” one woman said. “How good to know that there are people with a good heart like yours. I congratulate you and I hope that the worker starts a new path,” added another.

“The simple fact that they listened to him and supported him is all he needed. No one in the world should feel how horrible it is to be depressed. All the events that had to happen for us to be here! You are not alone,” a young woman pointed out. Meanwhile, another pointed out: “Beautiful ending. These tears of happiness will open doors for you. It’s not the money, it’s the feeling that you’re not alone and that there are beautiful people like you who are ready to help others.

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